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How Long Would It Take Nana B to Resign from NSS?

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Exactly May 10, 2017, the National Council of the governing New Patriotic Party met in Accra and decided, among other things, to block party stalwarts to hold positions in government and at the same time keep their party positions. The outcome of the meeting was communicated by then acting General Secretary of the NPP, John Boadu.

In that release, it was stated that President Akufo-Addo, Vice President Bawumia, former President John Kufuor and a host of NPP top brass were present, and in fact gave unalloyed approval for the directive. Paragraph 1 of the release stated as follows “All Party Office holders (elected or appointed) who have second executive positions in government should vacate their Party positions for substantive officers appointed to fill in”

Following this directive, we were made to understand that persons like then National Women Organizer, Otiko Afisa Djaba; then Greater Accra regional chairman, Ishmeal Ashitey; then Volta regional chairman, John Peter Amewu and several others were given options to either choose their positions in the party or the executive positions in government. Most of them, if not all, chose the executive appointments ahead of their respective party positions and hence resigned in accordance with the directive.

The likes of Sammy Awuku and John Boadu, we were made to understand, rejected ministerial appointments because of their engagements at the party level. So, it became a norm or, probably a convention in NPP, that no individual would be allowed to hold party position and serve in an executive capacity in government at the same time.

It was espected that the NPP will use this directive as one of its qualifying guidelines for its internal elections but unfortunately, the party did not. In the absence of strict enforcement of its own directives, Deputy Director of National Service Secretariat, Henry Nana Boakye aka Nana B, contested the National Youth Organizer position of the ruling party and won without first resigning. In any serious democracy, he should have resigned the before filing his nomination to contest that post. Unfortunately, he was allowed to hang on and used productive working hours to tour the country whilst being paid with tax payers money.

Ominously, Nana B is still at post after winning the election; thus making nonesense of the directive by the NPP’s second highest decision making body. The July 12, 2018 edition of the Daily Guide quoted him to have hinted his intention of resigning from NSS soon. He was quoted to have said “I am now consulting some big people in our party and other dignitaries and surely I will resign as the deputy national director of the NSS soon. The NPP national youth organizer position and the NSS deputy director in charge of operations are both important and time-consuming positions. I have therefore decided to step down as the NSS deputy national director so that I can concentrate fully on the NPP work to help my party”

His position on the matter is very problematic. Nana B needs not to consult anybody before resigning. The party’s directive is unambiguous. All he needs to do is to send a resignation letter to the appointing authority. How long would it take him to consult? Assuming those he is consting advice him to combine the two post, would he abide by it? It is pure tautology to say the kind of things attributed to him. If he knows the two positions are very demanding and therefore he cannot combine the two, what can consultation do about it? He knew the demanding nature of his work before he added the party job to it or? Nana B must do the needful by resigning immediately. If he has conscience, he should just kiss goodbye to NSS! Alternatively, the President should fire him if he is unwilling to resign.

Henry Nana Boakye
Henry Nana Boakye

By Amos Blessing Amorse

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