Looming conflict waiting to escalate at La Traditional Area

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There is a looming conflict waiting to escalate at La Traditional Area in the Greater Accra Region over admission of representation for the various Divisional Chiefs at the La Traditional Council.

The La Paramount Chief, Nii Kpobi Tettey Tsuru and the Council Members have refused to admit Nii Okropong Kwade 1, the Divisional Chief of Abese Adonten Divisional Council for the past two years after his installation.

Youth and elders of Abese Quarters are lining up their ammunitions to invade the Traditional Council to demand for the immediate admission of their Chief to his legitimate seat.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday at La, the Abese Divisional Dzaasetsɛ (king maker), Nii Anyetei Anokware Nsro I, called on the La Traditional Council to as matter of urgency heed to their calls before any disturbances erupt in the Traditional area.

According to the Abese Divisional King maker, the Traditional Council led by Nii Kpobi Tsuru has taken them for granted for far too long and the time has come for them to take their legitimate seat at the Council.

La Traditional Council has seven Divisional Councils; each Divisional Council must have a representation at the traditional council that works hand in hand with the Paramount Chief and to participate in meetings at the council. Also the Traditional Council consists of eight Divisional Councils which includes Abese, Kowe, Agbawe, Abafum, Leeshi, Nmati Abonaase, Nmati Dzrasee and Klanaa.

Other office holders helping in the running of the Council’s activities are the Shikitele, Akwashong Tse, Manklalo and the Dzaase Tse.

Currently the La Traditional Council has denied all Divisional Councils representation at the Palace with exception of two Divisional Councils namely; Abafum and Agbawe.

For them, all avenues to dialogue with the Traditional Council over the impasse prove futile and have threatened to use any legitimate means at their disposal to get their Chief admitted at the Council.

The La Mantse, Nii Kpobi Tettey Tsuru and his Council members openly opposed to the installation of Nii Kwade Okropong I as Abese Divisional Chief claiming the installation ceremony did not follow the native customs and usages of La and also the Chieftaincy Act 2008, Act 759 of the Republic of Ghana.

Sensing any last minute hitches, the Abese traditional council accused the La Mantse and the members of the Traditional Council of deliberately fomenting troubles and trying to divert the attention of the public of his illegal land deals.

Abese youth are up in arms calling for war if necessary step is not taken to admit their Chief to the Traditional Council any time soon to avert any calamity in the Community.

Source: Iddrissu A. Jara || Ghanaian Democrat 

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