Mahama is far better than Cover Up President Akufo-Addo

Who ran an accountable Govt? A minister resigned under Mahama for Ghc3 million bus branding. A deputy minister was sacked for dreaming about making a million dollars. A former Minister and MP was put before court for Gyeeda report. National Service Scheme Personnel were hauled before court for ghost names.

Under Nana Akufo-Addo we see corruption being covered up – BOST contaminated fuel saga – cover up, Deputy Chiefs of Staff corruption saga – cover up, Ghana Post GPS- Bawumia saga – cover up, MASLOC used cars procurement saga – cover up, US$2.25 billion Kenbond saga – cover up, Philip Addison’s Ameri committee fiasco- cover up, UN General Assembly 167- member delegation – cover up. And Fall Army Worms scandal – cover up!

President Akufo-Addo is unwilling to publicly acknowledge the mindboggling corruption in his government. Ghanaians are growing fatigued shouting themselves hoarse in protest against nepotism, a clear form of corruption under this administration which has been elevated to statecraft, Ghanaians are appalled that the reinforcement
of financial corruption by the Akufo-Addo government might soon lead to the demise of this Nation if the celestial does not intervene. The President and party seem to have grown thick skins to constructive criticism; otherwise, no sane government, in spite of the open condemnation that it has received from Ghanaians over its shielding of
criminals in the administration, will repeat another one as done in the case of the $2.5 digital address system.

The President should tell Ghanaians where and when, and under which report his two deputy chiefs of staff were cleared of the corruption allegation A-plus and Kennedy Agyepong levelled against them, warranting their stay in office.

By Dr Francisca Ansabea Tawiah

(Member, Convention People’s Party UK)

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