Mahama never blamed his predecessors

Just like his boss and mentor Professor Mills, Former President Mahama never blamed his predecessors. He was successful during his tenure because he didn’t blame his predecessors. He took responsibility of all the problems he inherited, focused on the reconstruction policies he and Prof Mills outlined and never blamed anyone for the challenges he met. Instead of blaming them which is the usual trick politicians adopt to explain their abysmal performance, he rather praised his predecessors. His philosophy was that you can’t go forward on reverse gear.

The Akufo-Addo administration has blamed the Mahama-led administration for the current economic recession Ghana is going through since they took over. Instead of propelling the wheel and piloting it, they have started blaming their failures and mistakes on the last administration. Instead of praising his predecessor for the beautiful roads in the north, he downplayed his predecessor’s achievements. The tour was a chance for President Akufo-Addo to acknowledge his failure and openly apologize to Ghanaians in the hope that they will forgive his failure and disappointments. He instead engaged in his usual propaganda and lies crusade.

The President must be made aware that he did not inherit a country in tatters as he trumpets around, but that on January 7,2017 the day he was sworn in, he inherited a nation that was the second largest economy in the sub-region, rated second to South Africa in terms of electricity coverage, rated the best in the sub-region in terms of human development index, with its economy projected to grow in 2017.

Also, Ghana was rated among the world’s investment friendly countries. Within just eight months in office, the Akufo-Addo-led administration and its associates, have negatively turned the table around in the most remarkable display of ineptitude ever seen in Ghana’s political history, to such an extent that from an economy projected to grow in 2017,Ghana’s economy is currently in recession. Banks are collapsing, foreign investment has declined. Ghana is experiencing unprecedented capital flight because of the government’s bad economic policies. This
has led to loss of thousands of jobs.

President Akufo-Addo inherited a currency which was the second most stable currency in the sub-region. It should be noted that from being the second most stable currency in the sub-region under President Mahama the cedi by evidence, is now one of the worst performing currencies

The current administration is clueless, all they do is blaming the past administration for all the failed campaign promises and crediting themselves with projects initiated and completed by the last administration. The former President has maintained a silence after the defeat and his silence has proven to be golden. He has confirmed
he love for this great nation and his preparedness to serve the nation in and outside government.

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