Man plans big funeral for dog in the Volta Region

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The intended funeral and burial service for a 23 year old Dog is generating mixed feelings in the Volta Region town of Ehi; a subburb of Dzodze, a town originally noted for Gari processing in the Weta Traditional area of the Ketu North District of the Volta Region.
Some residents of the community believe the intention is against the traditions of the area but the owner of the dog, Mr. Stephen Atatsi, is determined to go ahead with the funeral. He is determined to make a case of for animals’ health claiming that the experience of the late dog must not happen to any other animal.
He claimed the animal suffered a lot of humiliations while alive and even survived a lot of assassination attempts from khebab sellers and others. However, it is the absence of a a veterinary in the community that affected the dog most.
Mr. Atatsi, explained that the burial is aimed at mobilizing people to put premium on animal health in the District as there is no veterinary service point in the entire southern sector of the Volta.
The funeral and burial service, the first in the community if not in Ghana will come off on September 16, 2017.
He said whatever money is realized from the burial and funeral service will be used to set up a veterinary clinic.
The corpse of the 23 year old dog is currently deposited at the St Anthony Hospital mortuary, Dzodze awaiting the burial.
Mr. Atatsi said, the dog suffered a lot during the past 23 years.
“It had to battle a case of attempted harm on it by a Khebab seller in which the dog won the court case and was awarded Ghc500 compensation for the psychological trauma it went through, later died through domestic accident.
Mr. Atatsi also believes that the time has come for tradition to give way to respect for animal rights and health.
Hundred of Dog owners, philanthropists, well wishers, relations to the dog owner and some journalists are expected to witness the final funeral rites of the dog, do a file past, before, it is laid to rest.
Source: Francis Edzorna Mensah

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