Massive demonstration hits Togolese government today

A Group by name the Togolese Civil League (TCL) will today Tuesday September 6, 2017 stage a massive demonstration in Lome, against the Togolese government.
According to the Group, similar street protests will happen concurrently in other major Cities of the Country. The objective is to demand from the Government, a proper interpretation of democracy and human rights in that country, as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution of Togo.
Addressing a news conference in Accra, on the theme “improving awareness of Togo’s political situation, the Executive Director Of the League, Farida Bemba Nabourema, said, the citizens of Togo will not wait for another election to be rigged, manipulated and declared again in favour of the current President, Faure Gnassingbé, who together with his father have subjected Togolese to extreme dictatorship rule for about 50 years.
According to her, “we shall not sit down again and wait for another cooked election. We want change in our Democratic structure now”.
She said, the Togo constitution does not only mandate them as citizenry to hold their leaders accountable but….”it has given us powers, and in fact it compels us to take genuine actions anytime against legitimate leaders”.
Farida mentioned that, “few days ago, Togo made headlines as hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to demand the reinstatement of the 1992 constitution which encompasses term limits, two rounds elections and diaspora vote”.
The protests resulted in the killing of some citizens, putting Togo on high alert for possible civil war if the development is not arrested immediately and parties called to order.
The Togolese Civil League is a non-profit civil society organization with objectives to improve understanding of the current political crisis in Togo, among citizens and decision makers of neighboring countries like Ghana so as to prevent possible escalation which could be detrimental to the peace and stability that reigns in the sub-region.
She justified holding the press conference by saying, that “Ghana will be affected should there be any conflict spillover,” adding that Ghana should show concern to the Togo situation now to avert avoidable calamities”.
“The event will foster effective networking and collaboration between Togolese organizations and Ghanaian decision makers for a shared experience that can support the plight of the Togolese people,” she further stated.
Source: Francis Edzorna Mensah

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