We May Not Know Obinim

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…So Why Don’t We Leave Him With His God?

Names normally have great influences on those who bear them. Any dictionary on names and their meaning attest greatly to what I am saying.

In this vein, the name “Obinim” as born by controversial Bishop Obinim, leader and founder of God’s Way Ministries International (GWMI) in Akan may mean, “someone may not know”.

It is from this premise that I argue that Ghanaian Christendom, especially leaders of churches might not have known or understood Bishop Obinim and his way of teachings and directions in his God’s Way Ministries.

His directions (akwankyire) in particular have continued and continues to attract criticism from Christian leaders in the country.

However, as the akan adage goes “Obi rekra ne Nyame no, na obi eniho”. To wait, when someone was taking his destiny from God, no one else was there.

Christendom has come a long way from the establishment of the early church till the present day, with many denominations springing up right from protestant days.

Each denomination has its own doctrines on which it operates, with each having the Bible as its ultimate source of knowledge and teachings.

And as we live in a world of diversity, so shall we get diversity in our various Christian denominations.

It is an open secret, in fact, a fact that Christians from one denomination to another, disagree on a number of issues, even regarding the same topic or issue.

Therefore, it does not appear to me with the least surprise, as to why people misconstrue and misunderstand Bishop Obinim’s way of teachings and direction.

Meanwhile, in the parable of the sower, Jesus said that no one should temper with the sewed seeds and the overgrown weeds until the harvest time.

The Bible has stipulated that it is appointed unto man to die once, and after that judgement (Hebrews 9:27). Subsequently, if Christians believe in this stipulation, then we should leave Obinim alone with his creator, since there is accountability (judgement) after death and this does not rest in the hands of any mortal being, no matter his position on earth.

Personally, Bishop Obinim has intrigued and continues to intrigue me with his way of teaching and direction as I have been following for some time now.

Angel Obinim
Angel Obinim

What marvels me most about him is that he is undaunted, unperturbed and undisrupted in his avowed determination to spread his gospel in the face of all the unceasant criticisms.

To this effect, he has even built a T.V. Station to achieve his aim, vision and mission not withstanding criticism. Wow! Yea!! (In His own words)

As a result, he continues to attract followers and admirers by the day. His membership is said to be over 100,000. And testimonies from his TV Station and various church branches point to the fact that there must be a hand of God behind Bishop Angel Obinim.

Can such a man be written off completely? In fact let’s leave him alone with his God for the harvest time as the Bible has admonished.

What is more, the Bible makes it clear that there is judgement after death, and whatever we do in life, we will account for it after death, i.e during the judgment day. As the Bible had indicated that “It is appointed unto man to die once, but thereafter, there is judgement.

His titles range from Pastor through Prophet to Bishop and settles on Angel. But that is Obinim for you. Therefore, let’s leave him to do his own thing as he is bound to meet and account to Him after death.




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