MCE manipulates DISEC for Chieftaincy gains

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Bimbilla the capital of the Nanumba North Municipality is almost synonymous with violence in most media reports concerning happenings in the town. This development is a result of the protracted chieftaincy disputes in the area. The avoidable clashes have recorded fatalities in the past. As a result, many are hopeful that the deaths are enough lessons to end the decade long crisis. Unfortunately, issues are becoming murkier as some institutions and individuals mandated to help resolve the disagreement have shown bias in the handling of the case.

The action of the District Security Committee (DISEC) in recent days raises questions regarding fairness of the Municipal Chief Executive Mr. Abdulai Yaqoubu and some of the security heads. The indubitable information picked up by the Na-Salifu Dawuni’s family is that the DISEC led by the MCE held a secret meeting in Mr. Andani house. The clandestine meeting took place between the hours of 7:00pm and 8:45pm. The family of Na-Salifu Dawuni has no qualms over people having meetings. What they don’t understand is the outcome of the covert meeting, which is the MCE resolve to use the military to scatter every activity taking place at the palace of Na-Salifu Dawuni.

Sadly, the BNI who is mandated to professionally file accurate reports masked himself to enable him the meeting unidentified. However, well meaning people in Bimbilla monitored him right from where he parked his car. For the sake of fairness, the BNI parked his car at a popular spot called ‘Volni’ in Bimbilla. The family and sympathizers of the late Na-Salifu Dawuni have become used to the unprofessional conduct by the BNI. They are not to blame him for taking a lady from the Andani faction. The BNI must be a professional while he tries to satisfy his in-laws.

Meanwhile, the family and supporters of the late Na-Salifu Dawuni led by the Regent Sung-Lana Issifu Salifu, have served notice of their commitment to protect the palace from any security bullying even at their own peril. It is difficult for one to understand why the MCE have shown bias in the case and now on the move to manipulate the men in uniform.

Bimbilla is not ready for further fatalities. But the bias position taken by the MCE and now some elements in the DISEC is a recipe for bloodshed. The MCE as chairperson of the DISEC is accused of creating tension in other to draw money from the assembly’s coffers in the name of maintaining security personnel. It is high time Mr. Abdulai Yaquobu understood that the lives of innocent people cannot and must not be sacrificed for his quest for money. He must be remembered that he is benefitting as MCE due to the efforts of people who voted for H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo.

By Salifu Mufteen



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  • 11th December 2017 at 5:38 pm

    This is information worth tracing. I hope the security personnel will be professional.


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