Media must Blackout Activities of Terrorists – MPs

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The local and international media have been urged to blackout activities of terrorist organizations worldwide in order to starve them of the pleasure of the publicity they enjoy in international circles.

The Honorable Member of Parliament for the North Tongu constituency in the Volta Region and the Ranking Member on the Foreign Affairs Committee, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, made this appeal on the Floor of parliament on Wednesday in a statement on the global fight against terrorism.

According to him, some international media reportage on terror attacks have been most appalling and that the media ought to review the way they report terror incidents.

He cited, for example “a fortnight ago, I was irked when international media showed people at London Bridge  crawling on the floor and some being ushered by security in lines with their hands on their heads. Those scenes glorify the terrorists and give them the pleasure they so much seek. Other scenes of wounded victims and victims in hospital do not help our cause.”

Mr. Ablakwa is of the view that instead of publishing the identities of terrorist groups responsible for attacks, the bravery and the resilience of the people must be highlighted and emphasis laid on how these attacks could not affect the foundations of our human values.

“The media must ensure that their reportage does not glorify the evildoers nor give them the attention and pleasure they crave… The only time the media should focus attention on them should be when they are being defeated and retreating,” he advised.

The North Tongu MP also recommended that severe sanctions should be meted out to the companies that manufacture the weapons that are found to be used by terrorists as well as social media owners who allow their mediums to be used to radicalize the youth and recruit terrorists.

Contributing to the statement, the Minister for Defense and the MP for Bimbilla, Dominic Nitiwul, observed that the security services in the country are doing their best to keep the country safe as well as on the lookout for signals of terrorist activities. He urged Ghanaians to help in the fight against terrorism by volunteering information and also be on the alert for any unusual occurrences in their environment.

Deputy Majority Leader, Adwoa Sarfo, admonished the youth not to hide behind the cloak of unemployment to join terrorist groups to attack the very human race that gave life to them.

Minority Chief Whip, Alhaji Mohamed Muntaka Mubarak, opined that the methods being used to fight terrorism around the world appears to be problematic. He observed that the perpetrators ought to be dealt with as criminals and not as religious fanatics to create bad impressions about certain religions and certain groups of people. He added that the methods employed to fight terrorism around the world rather ends up breeding more terrorists because the wrong people are targeted.

The Member of Parliament for the Tolon constituency, Alhaji Suhuyini Wahab, in his contribution observed that terrorism is not about religion and not about Islam since Islam is a peaceful religion which has fallen victim of some religious fundamentalists to give it a bad name.

He also observed that the Ghana may be fertile for the recruitment of terrorists because of certain factors including educational inadequacies and joblessness among the youth.

He also called on political parties disband the activities of political vigilante groups since it could become the breeding grounds for terrorist organizations.

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