Members of the Council of State are Stooges and Sitting in their Political Colors

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August 15, 2017 will forever remain a surprised day of which a team of shallow thinking fellows, disgracefully referred to as Council of State join forces with clueless government of Ghana to wage war on United Volta Region just as the allied forces of Britain and France invaded “Torgo” (formal German Colony) in 1914 of which the Torgo Land was divided in to Eastern Torgo (now republic of Togo) and Western Torgo (now Western Togoland, which stretches from Volta Region to Bawku-Senkasi) and was illegally integrated in to Ghana.

For the Council of State to have unanimously said that there is a substantial demand for the creation of a new Regions in half collapsed Ghana and added United Volta Region, which is part of Western Togoland and in recent times making the headlines in the various media portal in Ghana and abroad for seeking its independence, is a total hoax and a work of stooges.

If members of the Council of State want to be taking seriously, they would have been firmed in ensuring due diligence and not this shoddy kind of work.

When the leader of the Stooges, Nana Otuo Siriboe II in her ill statement praise the Minister for Regional Reorganization and Development, Dan Kwaku Botwe for his elaborate homework in line with the government agenda in creating new Regions but as inferior as they are, the Council of State failed in telling the public the kind of homework they undertook for them to have come to the realization that the people in the Volta Region wanted to be divided and for what reason.

I am limiting my write-up to the Volta Region because they belong to that part of the world called Western Togoland who have mounted pressure on the United Nations (UN) to grant them the independence of their land and going back to history, in order for the UN to restore its integrity, is to grant the formal German colony self-determination.

Council of State is aware of this but it’s either pretending to be naïve or wearing party colors in serving party interest instead of Country interest, thereby exhibiting incompetence by producing the work of “remote control” Council.

Dwelling on a well-orchestrated work of a politician is not the way forward and it is unwise on part of the Council of State to have said because of their interactions with Dan Kwaku Botwe with his well-polished political paper given to them, they are satisfied and given the President OKAY to go ahead and turn the people of the Volta Region against one another. What a nightmare! Come to think of it that this stooges and party worshipers are been paid with tax payers money, is a total waste.

I want to assured the people of the Volta Region that, what is going on about creating a new region, is intended to sow seed of confusion among them and in the long term bring part of their land where they have a few twi speaking people under the reign of Otumfor Ashantihene.

Per my investigation in to the case, No Chief from the Volta Region had willingly writing to Akufo-Addo to divide the Region. Everything was a perfect plan of the government. The petition was written by the government in the name of the Chiefs and was sent to the Chiefs together with gifts by Government representatives who induced the Chiefs to sign it. Many Chiefs refused to sign it because they cannot sell their land and the future of their subjects to the government. And surprisingly, their name is still on that illegitimate document as part of the petitioners and this fraudulent behavior of the government is causing sleepless night to many Chiefs as their subjects especially the youth and the Journalists keep calling and asking if they truly gave their consent to the government and why?

When I asked them why not protest against it? The responses of some Chiefs were, “is not everything I can tell you”. In Chieftaincy, there is a chain of command, there is one Chief from our land in the government, he had so betrayed the land and the people,…..any way my daughter, I’m telling you this in confidence, he said and continues, so I keep the rest to myself. Some Chiefs concluded that if they the chiefs protest, their inpatient and angry youth might have done something bad. So, for the sake of peace, they hold their tongue.

If you doubt it, everyone in the Volta region should take phone and call your Chief and listen to what they will tell you.

This is the time for the Voltarians to stand up for their Region. If you sit down in the name of peace, Ashantihene will be ruling your land from Manhyia palace.

Rise up to the challenge. War is wage upon your land. I f the Hyena hit the Vulture on the head, it answer war.

Children of the fearless from the land of the brave, have you become so weak that you cannot sing the war song and dance to the war drum when its sound? The courageous Adzavio from Adzatome. Amemakumaku horbialaoo. Children of Torkotorlia, Anlokotsiako……..Where are you?

I have dare stirred up your war like spirits, prove to those children of the cowards whose forefathers your land defeated in war many times that you are equal to the challenge. Go on and proclaim your land.

But to me, this is the end of voting in Volta Region. Whether the government divides the land or not, Voltarians should stop participating in Ghana’s elections. For you are not Ghanaians and they don’t see you as Ghanaians. Better join hands with your Northern brothers and sisters and fight for independence for the formal German colony (Western Togoland).

Don’t sit down and look on like cowards.

This is the time. Don’t procrastinate the fight.

Source: Nana Doris Osei Tutu || Freelance Journalist.






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