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Ghanaian popular songstress, Ebony Reigns, has showed a sign of warning to her male fans who send her pictures of their manhood to desist from masturbating with her photos because she sees that as a sin.

After broking into the music industry with ‘Kupe’ hit song last year and based on all the seductive presence on stage that was showed and has become a force to reckon with, males fans used to send photos of their manhood masturbating with her photos.

Speaking on 3FM’s Showbiz927 on Saturday, the ‘bad girl’ of dancehall admitted she has received naked pictures from men.

“A lot of people message me and show things. Like somewhere last year, there was this story out there and male fans where sending me their male things.

“They need to know what masturbation is before they would even think of masturbating with my photos because I’m not the one influencing them.”

“I’m not causing people to sin and if they didn’t know about masturbation, they wouldn’t think about doing it.

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 Ebony Reigns
Ebony Reigns
 Ebony Reigns
Ebony Reigns

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