Minister disrupts Press Conference to explain GhanaPostGPS App

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A Deputy Minister of Communications, George Nenyi Andah, on Monday morning gatecrashed a press conference organized by some concerned Ghanaians to educate journalists on some alleged irregularities and thievery in the now infamous GhanaPostGPS App and the entire Digital Address System (DAS) being championed by the current government.

Though not officially invited, Mr Andah in the company of some top officials of the Ministry stormed the International Press Center – the venue for the event and demanded to be given the platform to refute the claims being made by the group that the entire Digital Address system agenda is fraudulent and not necessary.

When he was handed the microphone, Mr Andah said none of the issues being raised at the conference were of any substance to the Ghanaian public.

“The guy is speaking out of ignorance. None of the issues raised are issues of substance,” he stated, emphasizing that “the issues are laughable, talking about the fact that the same company has to do advertising. What Ghana Post requested was a technical solution, so we took that and included the marketing aspect to it. There is nothing wrong with that” he stated.

The Managing Director of Ghana Post – the agency responsible for the Digital Address System in Ghana, James Kwofie, who was also part of the deputy Minister’s delegation, also got the opportunity to explain to the gathering as to why what makes the DAS different and worth the money being spent on developing it.

Earlier, the leader of the group, a US based Ghanaian GPS expert, Kingsley Komla Elikem Mortey, had stated among others that the cost of developing the App was too high, especially when the technology was free.

But the Boss of GhanaPost insists “this system gives you a digital address. Google map gives you longitude and latitude” he said.

According to him, “there is a background feature on the digital address system that allows a number of institutions to add value to their systems. Local government can now plan very well because they know who lives here and where to find them. A kiosk can have a meter, be it water or electricity and everything can be accounted for. We have a system like that in Sierra Leone. They have been able to map everywhere even a kiosk”.

Commenting on whether there is a tendency that the system could be compromised as claimed by Mr Mortey, the Director General of the National Information Technology Agency (NITA), Jeffery Konadu Addo, said there are systems in place to detect threats.

“There is a 24 hour surveillance. We continue to expect that someone will one day give that a try.  We will not wait for that time to come” he said.

“We are always available, making sure that every loop hole in our system is plucked” he added.

Source: Priscilla Anum-Noi || ghananewsonline

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