Minister for Zongo Development Steals Initiatives of Zongo Boys

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As part of its development module for the Zongo communities and Inner Cities, the Ministry of Inner City and Zongo Development, assured the Zongos that the Ministry will pipe all waste water from various Zongo homes into drains to help keep the Zongo communities clean.

The sector Minister, Boniface Abubakar Sadique, in all his interactions with Chiefs and people in the Zongos, assured them that his Ministry will construct roads, drains and street pavements in all Zongo communities across the country.

To help the Minister achieve this important dream, the young men and ladies in some of the Zongo communities formed various groups and came out with different concepts to support the minister’s initiative. One of such groups was formed by the youth of Nima, a Zongo community in Accra.

The group met the Minister at the residence of the Chief Imam, Sheick Nuhu Sharabutu, to seek for his blessings on their initiative called CLEAN ZONGO INITIATIVE which was submitted to the Minister days before they met the Chief Imam.

The Minister invited the group to his office to discuss how the concept could be brought to fruition. The the surprise of the group, the Minister who told them he was going to have an hour chat with them, spent only three minutes with them and asked them to go. All attempts to get the Minister for further discussions proved futile only to see their their initiative being implemented by the minister.

The group has already began their clean up project using the logo the Minister picked from the document they submitted to him.

The group sees the Minister’s action as copyright infringement since the concept was preserved in some fixed, tangible form.

According to the group the Minister has stolen its idea and actively working with it to prevent the group from bringing their own initiative to fruition, “that also constitute tortuous interference…” said the leader.

The has thus cautioned the Minister that, if the brand and reputational threats are not addressed immediately, his Ministry runs the risk of seeing what could have been a containable event turn into something much more serious.

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