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Mobilizing for Power: OfG, a new political movement formed

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A new political movement has been launched in Ghana for the purposes of rebuilding, restructuring, and reorganizing the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for political power. It has a special focus on renewing hope in the grassroots and mobilizing them for power in 2020 and beyond.

The movement, ‘Organizing for Ghana’ (OfG) is a Platform for NDC progressive activists who want fundamental change in the party to achieve wider fundamental change in Ghana.

“We want to rebuild a positive political culture of voluntarism, activism, participation, and accountability in NDC and reset our relationship with the Ghanaian public to one of trust. We want to win national and local government office and lead Ghanaians to dismantle all political, economic, and social barriers to development and prosperity – the national democratic transformation that is the Party’s mission,” a concept note on the group explains.

Over the last three days, delegates of OfG selected from interested party groups across the country have been in a session at Dodowa; brainstorming on effective strategies that would ensure that the NDC once again takes its rightful place in the minds and sights of members of the society and eventually the mandate to rule Ghana again with the right leadership.

Among others the conference is expected to finalize a communique on an effective communication strategy, the qualities of the next leader of the NDC, alternative policies, organizational development and training, funding and many more.

Why OfG now?

“Following our massive rejection at the 2016 polls, the Party elite ignored demands for a bottom-up reorganisation and re-launch of the Party to avoid accountability and protect their cosy positions. They suppressed their own Fact-Finding Committee’s report and then wasted 9 months staging unimaginative “Unity Walks” around “leading personalities”. They then foisted a meaningless, bureaucratic “re-registration” exercise on members as the basis for “elections” that they hoped would create the illusion of a renewed mandate for their “leadership”. The registration has failed. Greater Accra with over 2 million voters registered only 250,000 members! This demonstrates continued massive disaffection within the Party.

“OfG is the response of 10 progressive activist groups within the NDC to this crisis. We are uniting to work with other NDC progressives to offer a permanent, open, progressives’ Platform within the Party that can help reinvigorate core NDC members and supporters and attract the rapidly increasing number of independent youthful voters,” stated Comrade Abdul-Nasser Alidu, Convener of the group.

Proponents of the idea have said that the OfG-type response to the NDC’s organisational decline and political drift is long overdue. They believe Ghana needs a progressive mass democratic party now than before.

Justification for OfG

“The brutal overthrow of the First Republic by foreign interests and their local tribalist allies disrupted our transformation from a collection of economically and socially backward, mutually exploited, mutually oppressed, primary producing, tribal states into a unitary, modern, self-reliant, industrialised Republic with a proud African identity and scientific approach to development.

The 1966 coup plunged Ghana into a quarter century of painful, polarising, political strife as the most anti-people forces in our society resurfaced to push their elitist agendas and the masses fought back to protect the nation. After the difficult correction of the 31st December process, the promise of a 4th. Republic for most Ghanaians was a resumption of national socioeconomic transformation under democratic conditions.

“This 4th Republican promise has not materialised because of the utter failure of our political establishment and its greedy, “family & friends” elite. Today our society is once again experiencing crisis levels of foreign domination, inequality, poverty, polarisation, and insecurity. There is nothing surprising about the role of the NPP in this disaster. The NPP tradition has always opposed the Ghana project – preferring to be the privileged agents of foreign interests which allow them to practice ethnic and other forms of elitism. However, the failure of the NDC (and the various Nkrumaist parties) to provide a credible alternative is shocking, and unacceptable.

“Progressives share responsibility for this failure. We have consistently failed over the last 25 years to challenge the alliance of right-wing and bureaucratic tendencies that have dominated the Party and used it to demobilise the branch network; marginalise organisers; and to promote a culture of “big-men and small boys” through corruption-fuelled patronage. We have failed to call our leaders to order for the increasingly undemocratic, and ill-considered policies and programmes that they have pursued in our name and which have too often undermined our national sovereignty, productivity, and cohesion and collapsed popular support for the Party. Progressive interventions have been ad hoc, timid, and easily ignored by Leadership.

OfG leadership says it wants to see a power-ready-party that has the public trust; can win elections at the national and local levels; and has clarity of vision and the organisation and programmes to implement a national democratic transformation accountably and transparently in Ghana.

Goosie Tanoh

Delivering the Keynote address at the maiden OfG National Delegates Conference, Comrade Goosie Tanoh told the visibly enthusiastic NDC supporters that there is hope in sight and that the  NDC has a Choice.

“We believe that NDC can regain its preeminent standing as a mass based political organization through sustained and disciplined effort. We must sweat a little so that our exertions can and must retrieve our national political life from the clutches of those who are intent on weakening our nation’s dedication to the principles of social justice, accountability and popular democracy. And who over the years have instituted by design a culture of elitism, impunity and hostility to the grassroots, the common man and the founding principles of our party.

The politics of inclusion must be nurtured, cherished and deepened.

Theirs is a politics of exclusion of the many to advance the cause of the few.

It is enough.

“Organization, Education and Total Mobilization of the Grassroots to achieve real democracy, national self-reliance, social justice and fairness in our country is our unyielding cause.

“We must through our determined effort unlock the vast energy, sense of justice and organizational ability of our youth, our women and all of us who thirst for a vibrant and prosperous Ghana. Our determination to engage in a sustained struggle to construct a fairer more equitable society built on the principles of social justice, accountability and self-reliance must not waver in the coming days, months and years as we launch the renewal and revival of our party on this difficult but fulfilling journey,” he stated.

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