Mobilizing Women for Victory 2020

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Good afternoon to you all comrades. I thank you for the opportunity to be called to present a speech on the theme: “Mobilizing women for victory 2020”.
The NDC, our beloved party, suffered a painful electoral defeat in the 2016 December 7th General elections. A painful defeat because, if we all look at the happenings within our country today, we can confidently say that Ghana was on the right path, a path which was diverted by the December 2016 elections.
Comrades, if we look back where we left off, the NDC was building this country in a holistic manner, with the long term determination to provide quality and affordable education, provide assess to quality health care, provide qualify and long-lasting roads, secure the interest in the area of security of every citizen, as well as improve on the economic well-being of all of our citizens.
However, we came into the elections against an opponent who read through the unfortunate desires to consume for today, while waiting for the future to ‘care for itself’.
Comrades, a nation does not wait for tomorrow to “take care of itself” as the opponent we came against in the December 2016 elections made the people of Ghana to believe. A nation providea for its future, its citizens future and its overall improvement. This is not and cannot be an accident of nature.
Comrades, when we look back, we can see numerous interventions made which this current administration has either abandoned, or where they chose to continue, are claiming credit for. It simply means that we were on the right path towards development.
Comrades, if we look back, especially a couple of days ago as the President of the Republic, presented the state of the nation address, we cannot say that Ghana, in the next year, can boast of any major transformation in the areas of health, transport, education (apart from the haphazard Free SHS which had claimed innocent lives in this region), and even the economy they taunted themselves to be masters of.
Comrades, if we take our minds back at these painful events, and realize that we would be much unfortunate as a country to renew the mandate of this government that does not seem to have a direct focus (apart from the focus of corruption and cover-ups, which they are masters of), we cannot sit down and do nothing.
Coming to power in 2020, is even more possible today than ever before. Each passing act of government, gives us a clearer chance. But, that victory and a come back, would not happen without our efforts. It would not come without commitment, and it would not come without hard work and sacrifice.
For this reason, the theme for today: Mobilizing women for victory 2020, has become a major and a clarion call on all of us.
Modern democracies allows for democratic revolutions. A democratic revolution is a change that is secured in government, when Democrats use democratic means to mobilize support, gain the trust of the people and ensure that each person mobilized, goes through the democratic process to exercise their right to vote and to elect a president to form government.
Let us be democratic revolutionarists. The party NDC was built around the commitment and sacrifices of women, some of whom are present here with us today. When you have the opportunity to speak to them, you would understand that while the men were doing their bit, women were in the trenches, organizing their fellow women, associating with them, and providing them the very rightful option to chose since we returned to constitutional democracy.
Comrades, we have a greater task today. Today, the issues are more complex. The lies of government, easily spread, and for this reason, we must be present at every corner to provide the truth. We attend the markets, we board the ‘trotros’, we go to fetch water with our colleagues, we attend the farms with them. Is that not an opportunity to plant the seed of the Akatamanso Party? That is an opportunity if you ask me.
Today, the Ghanaian voter is more sophisticated than ever before. We can only convince them to come to us and join us, if we are united ourselves. For that reason, we need unity at all times. We must be able to work together, eat together, laugh together and cry together where necessary. We cannot do anything short of these. I call on us all, to remain united, resolve our differences should any occur, and move ahead.
For the first time in Ghana’s history, a government would do a single 4 year term. The suffering of the people after one year of the Akufo-Addo government is telling. The pockets of Ghanaians are reflected effectively when they visit the fuel pump, when they visit the market, and do anything that requires the exchange of money.
Today, the reality is staring the faces of all Ghanaians except the family and friends of government. How many are they? No matter how huge the number, can they exceed the number of Ghanaians? No. While they are pleased because of the accumulated salaries that is paid into their coffers as a lineage, we have the large Ghanaian society to bring to our side.
To our young ladies in the various tertiary institutions, you have to master the art and courage of engaging your colleagues. Fortunately, you are all in the same institutions, acquired the skills to communicate in the language they understand and so must always engage them.
Every effort of government reflects on the school fees of all of you, it reflects ok your ‘chop money’ as we call it, it reflect on your transportation from home/hostel to school. This makes everyone an interested party in the government of the nation. This provides a motivation to all at all times, to engage your people for their support.
To end, I want to charge all of you, to make it a point, to, organize in small groups, visit your colleagues in their hostels, in their homes, on the streets, and become Ambassadors of an imminent change. A change that would bring back hope to the people. A change that would revive our health sector, improve our roads, expand our education at all levels, and improve on our general well-being.
We cannot sit unconcerned as women and watch the men go struggle for power and then after power is won come asking for percentage for women. Only our efforts will become our bargaining tool.
We cannot achieve our goal of winning 2020 unless we put in efforts and that begin today. Go call your fellow woman let us hit the trenches and make sure we secure the 2020 victory for our beloved NDC.
Thank you for the opportunity once again.
Ey3 Zuu
This is a Speech by Abigail Elorm Mensah at an event organized by TEIN KNUST on February 11, 2018.

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