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Momentum Media Xchange gets promoted on Fox Sports Asia as it showcases top projects in its 2019 Asian Roadshow

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Hollywood’s leading blockchain media company MMX  launched its Asian Roadshow and partnership with Fox+ and Fox Sports Asia this Feb 2019

Momentum Media Xchange (MMX) is taking the media world by storm. MMX, which impressed millions of people around the world with its presence in media shows,  co-produced movies, articles on leading lifestyle, fashion, celebrity, and sports sites and magazines, and engagement with celebrities and social media stars, has launched its Asian Roadshow from 8th of February until the 4th of March 2019. It will cover countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea.

Kenji Claudio, MMX Vice President, says, “Over 40 funds investing in the blockchain space have lined up to hear our projects from South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.”

Established in 2018, MMX engaged the blockchain market and quickly evolved as the leading company in the space. MMX works with Momentum Studios, Inc., a traditional media company involved in creating content, engaging the social media, and developing A-list Celebrity-branded projects for over a decade.

Fox Sports Asia and  Fox+ will also launch this February the Momentum Studios, Inc. sports series in over 30 countries and MMX will tap the 115 million audiences with further cross-promotion on the lineup.

David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital and an Advisor for the MMX platform, says, “Hollywood, Los Angeles, and global influencers are being exported and democratized by MMX. My investments globally are committed to leverage MMX services. EXP token “experience token” is the pivotal MMX gateway to global brands seeking to convey experiences.  Dallas Santana highlights this with world-class access to events like The Oscars. I am encouraging MMX to expand into MMA fighting, Monaco Formula One, and Dubai Film Festival partnerships; enjoying access, lifestyle and trusted experiences.” 

Momentum Media Xchange is already the leading celebrity branding network for blockchain/cryptocurrency companies building value for blockchain companies and cryptocurrency offerings in the social media, media, film, music and entertainment space. The company said that it will help other companies get noticed with its stellar roster of celebrities, athletes, social media stars and icons. Its network of celebrities and influencers can help rapidly in the subscription building and crowdfunding that will give Momentum an edge to negotiate premium positioning of its service offerings and solutions.

About Momentum Media Xchange

MMX – Momentum Media Xchange is the industry’s leading celebrity and influencer network powering the campaigns of the top blockchain companies in the industry.  It fuels and propels top projects in social media, sports media, film, e-commerce, video gaming,  music, and entertainment space.

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