MP for Ho Central scores NPP Administration 0% on Achievements

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The Member of Parliament for the Ho Central constituency, Benjamin Komla Kpodo, has said, the Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Adddo led New Patriotic Party (NPP) government has achieved basically nothing after one year in office.

According to him, the current government has done nothing serious to improve upon what the previous government bequeathed to them, adding that, the President would have mentioned it and elaborated on it during the 2018 State of the Nation Address (SoNA) delivered by him to Parliament.

Speaking to our reporter on the President’s SoNA to parliament, the MP said, “the State of Nation Address should have focused on what the state of affairs are currently, in regards to various sectors of the economy, in relation to various aspects of our lives, but it heavily loaded with promises of what the government is going to do rather than what it has done”.

In the highlight of his message to parliament in accordance with Article 67 of the 1992 Constitution. The President said, “I am sure that the House shares my relief that DUMSOR is no longer part of our everyday lexicon. Long may it stay so”, stressing the fact that, a lot of hard work has gone into easing the intolerable debt situation that threatened to paralyse the energy industry.

“We still have problems with the cost of power, and we are working to put Ghana at a competitive advantage,” he revealed.

According to the President, “we intend to find private sector operators to buy into the state owned thermal plants, and inject the capital needed to bring power tariffs down for both domestic and commercial consumers”.

But Mr. Kpodo said, even the little that appeared as achievements were standing on what the previous government (The NDC) has done,….”for example, when he talks about the light off (dumsor) disappearing, I think he should have added that, courtesy what President John Dramani Mahama did and now we don’t have problems with electricity.

“But he failed to give that credit to what was done by the previous government and rather attributed it to his government, meanwhile since he came to power, he never added even one megawatt of power to the stock that was achieved by the previous administration.

“So if there is no dumsor today, it means somebody has improved on the general capacity before you came in and you are making no reference to that,” he expressed surprised.

Mr. Kpodo therefore, scored the one year old NPP administration zero percent (0%) on achievement,

“so I think that, the President has no serious achievement to announce to the nation that is why he was still promising as if he was at the political rally.”

Source: Francis Edzorna Mensah

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