Mr President, this is the True State of the Nation Today

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The President will soon deliver his State of the Nation address and as usual of him, it is going to be business as usual; propaganda, lies and double-speak. Ghana is now, some say a banana republic, some say a fragile state, some say a failed state. The country is not just in recession but in a serious economic compression. It will take a miracle for this administration to return this country to where it met it in January 7, 2017.

The President and his party promised Ghanaians ‘change’. After listening to their promises Ghanaians decided to try this change and it appears majority of Ghanaians including some supporters of the NPP are already regretting their decision.

It is more than a year since Nana Akufo-Addo was sworn in as President and Ghanaians are yet to feel the change he promised, it’s been one challenge after the other, from painful fuel price increases, to high utility tariff, to a fall in the value of the cedi. While we wait for the administration to show real signs of proper governance, here are some few areas President Akufo-Addo has failed Ghanaians.

HUMAN RIGHT- We are witnessing worst cases of human rights violation, with respect to right of personal liberty since the colonial regime under this administration. We are witnessing gross abuse of legal processes and impunity. Government workers are being sacked based on suspicion that they are do not support the ruling party. Even under the past military regimes, workers did not go through the ordeal this administration is taking them through. Senior and junior public officers who are being ejected from their Bungalows based on suspicion that they are NDC sympathisers. The nation is witnessing endless rounds of senseless attacks of innocent citizens and security personnel by the vigilante groups of the NPP.

INSECURITY- The first fundamental duty of any government is the security of the citizens lives and property, but it is deeply unfortunate and unprecedentedly horrific that under this administration, the nation is witnessing endless rounds of senseless killings of Ghanaians including security officers. Mindless killings, armed robberies and other dastardly acts have increased under the Akufo-Addo administration. Security is one of the commitments the NPP promised Ghanaians but in the usual pattern of elevating deceit and propaganda above all else, it has woefully remained rein in worsening insecurity across the country. The situation in Ghana today is that, gallant military, police and other security operatives are immersed in tackling crisis in all parts of Ghana. It is dangerous to walk around in the night because of the killings going on in the country. The vigilante groups have taken over the internal security of the nation and unleashing pain on innocent citizens. Ghana is now ranked among the dangerous spots in the subregion because of the killings and robberies going on under this administration. Individuals are importing sophisticated weapons into the country and selling them to hoodlums for their operations. The President continues to keep mute on the wanton killings by nomadic herdsmen in Agogo and other places.

UNEMPLOYMENT- Candidate Akufo-Addo promised Ghanaians that he will create millions of new jobs to end the unemployment problem. Ghanaians are still waiting for him to fulfill this promise, some who have jobs are being fired on a daily basis as some companies laying off staff due to the terrible economic situation. Government itself is sacking some workers because of their perceived political affiliations. People that used to be employed including graduates have now joined the teeming population of unemployed persons. Instead of focusing on how it can fulfill the employment promise, government have started churning out ridiculous figures and the latest is the 750,000 new jobs the agric minister shameless announced.

ECONOMIC CRISIS/CEDI- During the campaign, the current President and his Vice promised Ghanaians that they will make the Cedi equal to the dollar. But the value of the cedi has continued to dwindle since 7th January 2017. The economy is in recession. The administration has so far proven that it has no clear cut policy and direction when it comes to managing the economy. The Akufo-Addo administration can only be said to have done well in propaganda. It has been engaging in policy somersault, leading to the economy woes Ghanaians are experiencing. Traders and investors are complaining about the government’s bogus economic policies. Traders at Abossey Okai and Okaishie who financed the NPP 2016 campaign, have started expressing regrets and bitterly chastising the administration for mismanaging the economy.

The President must be reminded that the Ghana he inherited on the 7th of January 2017, was rated the best in terms of human development index. It was rated the best  place for doing business, and was the rated above all countries in the subregion in terms of business investment, it was the second to south africa in terms of electricity coverage and the number one in terms of potable water supply and coverage in the subregion. Under President Akufo-Addo, Ghana has dropped 3 places in the latest ranking of the world best countries. This is according to a report compiled by U.S News and World Report in partnership with BAV consulting and Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania. Despite the administration’s propaganda and cooking of economic figures, the world bank and respected rating agencies continue to downgrade the country’s economic performance and all other associated sectors. According to the world banks latest report investor confidence in the Ghanaian economy has dropped sharply under this administration and this information was corroborated by Barclays’ South Africa and other agencies.

CORRUPTION – The wanton dissipation of the nation’s resources by this administration is unprecedented in the history of Ghana. The President has appointed 46 family members including his daughter, former wife and nephews into his administration and are heading the sensitive state agencies. Instead of focusing on his promises, his administration is wasting billions of cedis on its propaganda machinery to cover its incompetence, and denigrate the former President and his administration. His Ministers are inflating cost of projects, his finance minister is breaching regulations, his wife is signing loans on behalf of government and people of Ghana, his vice-president has still not furnished Ghanaians with comprehensive information about the famous $15 million digital addressing system, his nephews are buying mansions across the globe and collecting bribes from people before granting them access to the President, his brother and cousins have taken over the oil and energy industries, his cousin the finance minister through the executive, removed the governor of Bank of Ghana and other officials and replaced them with his cronies and directors of his Data Bank, the President’s in laws have been placed in charge of the insurance sector. This is the situation in Ghana. The President is presiding over the dirtiest political environment in Africa and can conveniently be placed at the same level with the Amin, Bokassa etc. In spite of all the horrific corruption allegations against the President’s appointees, the President through the security agencies is shielding them.

SOCIAL ISSUES – The President promised Ghanaians that he was going to make Ghana the cleanest city in Africa and made that one of his main campaign message. After one year of the Akufo-Addo government, Ghana is being described as the dirtiest country in the subregion. Ghana has lost her enviable (number one in terms of human development index).

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