Mr. Vice Vice President, if you can’t solve our problem for us, don’t complicate it – DYA

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We, nursing trainees’ wing of the above group are humbly appealing to the Vice President, Dr Bawumia not to complicate our problems for us if he cannot help in solving them. If you cannot pay us our allowance, don’t paint a picture to look as if you are paying same.

Our attention has been drawn to a statement made by Dr Bawumia into the ears of some parents at Aflao on Saturday that government has fully restored the Nursing trainees allowance.

We want to unequivocally state that NO nurse trainee has received a pesewa from government the whole of this year. This has made most of our colleagues lives very miserable on our various campuses. As it stands now, government is owing every trainee Gh¢ 1600.00. (4months salary, January to April).

As early as November 2017, we pleaded with government in our press release titled ‘Tell our parents the truth’ to come out and tell our parents the true state of the said allowance. We made you, Mr Vice President, understand in that statement that we no longer get the needed financial support from our parents because they assumed we are being paid allowances which should reduce their financial burden. Meanwhile the allowance has stopped coming forth.

As we type, most trainees won’t be allowed to write their end of semester exams due to nonpayment of fees. Our parents could have shouldered these payments if they weren’t told that we are receiving allowance which in reality is a ghost allowance.

Please, the best you can do for us in this situation is to tell our parents the truth that the allowances aren’t coming as planned and encourage them to pay our fees for us as well as send us monies for our upkeep on our various campuses. To say you have restored the allowance is true but please tell them you haven’t paid us for the past 4months.

Finally, we want to tell all parents with wards in Nurses training colleges that, the allowance as promised by government isn’t coming and so should treat with a pinch of salt any comment suggesting that we are receiving allowance.

To all trainees who cannot write their exams due to nonpayment of fees, please know that government is the cause not entirely our parents.

Mr. Vice President, can we say you have deceived us??


Bismark Newton Haduvorsah, President, {Democratic Youth Alliance – Volta.}

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