Mystery Deaths hit Fire Service; Staff summoned to Prayers over ‘Juju scare’

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…45 gone since January – Personnel suspect occultism

…But management says suspicion not scientific

Credible information gathered by has it that officers and personnel of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) are currently living in morbid fear following what they termed as mystery deaths that have hit the place of late.

They claim that about 45 personnel and have reportedly died since January 2018 in the Accra Region alone with the latest victims falling only last week, they are Catherine Sackitey (Tema Region) and A.D.O Allotey (Headquarters). The fear-ridden officers, suspecting foul play and occultism have appealed to churches, the Christian Council, the Chief Imam and other religious bodies in the country to come to their aid, while calling for a full-fledged governmental enquiries into the matter.

Speaking to our news hounds on conditions of anonymity, the group that spoke to us wondered what actually had gone amidst with these resultant deaths.

“Is it pressure, bad conditions of service or mere occultism at play?” they queried. According to them, they strongly suspect occultism since at least five pastors in the country had spoken about this worrisome incident.

They claimed that these deaths had occurred during the early tenure of their new Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Edward Ekow Blankson, who they accused of listening to the advice of failed officers at the service, acting as his advisers.

The aggrieved officers maintained that as a result of this, the welfare of personnel and officers at the place has been thrown to the dogs. This they claimed is a contributing factor in the mystery deaths suspected occultism notwithstanding.

According to them, they will not sit down and look on unconcerned for this trend to go on, since nobody knows who the next victim will be. “We no go sit down make them cheat us everyday,” the exclaimed.

Yet Another Death

Just as we were going to bed with this story, we received information of yet another death on Tuesday, August 7 2017 involving A.D.O Aruthur (Female) thus bringing the death in the Accra Region alone to a total of 46 since the beginning of this year.

“They are bent on killing us all! And if they succeed in doing so, with what human resources are they going to work with?” they queried. This death trend is not discriminatory and we are all at risk! Who is the next to go? They asked.

Pastors’ Involvement

According to a letter sighted by our roving scouts, in view of this development, the in house, Pastor, DO III Ezuah, has declared a two-day fasting and prayers scheduled for 23-24 August, 2018 at all fire stations through the country.

With the title, “A 2-day wild prayers and fasting”, the letter announcing the programe has the Theme, “Give ear to our prayer oh God!” (Ps. 55:1).

Purported to have been written on behalf of the Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Edward Blankson, the said letter has the Ref no. NFS/ADM P:V10/68, and copied to the CFO, the warfare Department, all Fire Station throughout the country, while it is also placed on the Whatsapp Group platform of the Service.

Management position – suspicion unscientific

When the Public Relations Department of the Service was contacted, a spokesman, Ellis Robinson Okoh, indicated that though the figure involved in death toll is alarming, it will be unscientific to jump to the conclusion that these deaths have come about as a result of occultism.

He opined that the causes of these deaths were not the same but varied, what is more, population and age distribution constitute much in these unfortunate deaths.

The spokesman maintained that GNFS has a population of over 7,000 nationwide with varied age distribution. According to him, officially the number of deaths recorded was 34, and it did not come from Accra Region alone. This figure, he said was announced by the CFO during the commissioning of the smoke chamber of the Service at James Town about three weeks ago.

Minister calls for enquiry

The spokesman indicated that during this commissioning the Minister for the interior Ambrose Derry was present and has called for the setting up of a committee to look into the matter.

However, he could not tell whether the committee has been set up. “But, looking at the serious-mindedness of the CEO, it is possible that it has been set up,” Mr. Oko stated.

Health Consciousness

Mr. Ellis Okoh urged his colleagues to be health conscious and go for occasional, if not regular medical check-ups. He maintained that with these check-ups, most of what he termed “avoidable deaths” could be averted. He stressed that as one advances in age and with working stress and many more factors, it is very necessary for such occasional check-ups.

He indicated that though government has no medical insurance for the GNFS, the service has made provisions for this facility and officers would be re-reimbursed on such check-ups.

On the questions of the CFO taking advice from so-called failed officers, he dismissed the claim, describing it as hear say. On praying at the place, he stated that the service used to hold occasional prayer services sometime back, and that may be, because it was relaxed hence this occultism suspicion.

He admitted that it was a good thing for one to always maintain closer ties with his maker. Nevertheless what was happening regarding these deaths would not simply be attributed to occultism.

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