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NACOB Staff Aiding and Abetting Drug Trafficking

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TWO operatives of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) have been interdicted for aiding and abetting to the drug trafficking business of one ‘Alhaji’ for sometime now.
George Dunyah, a driver of the investigation department – an uncle to the current NACOB boss Francis Kofi Torknornoo, is said to be the kingpin to the said mafiarism and narco-trade business under the strict watch and supervision of Mr. Torknornoo.
Jerry Anan Tetteh, was also implicated after both of them had been on the radial by the America through their DEA branch in Ghana.
It was apparent that they were being shielded for close to 6 months but the consistent noise by one Adam Bona – a security expert, to the effect that the state agency was recently shielding some of its Officers implicated in the drug business forced the matter to come public.
George Dunyah, a.k.a WO, has allegedly been aiding these barons due to his direct involvement in driving suspects arrested to Court and prisons for the many years. He uses the that period to engage them (barons) with the promise of connecting them to powerful lawyers who would immediately come to the defense of the barons, whiles he take his commission.
It is alleged that Jerry Annan Tetteh, stationed at the airport arranges with barons and their agents to outwit security procedures at the airport.
The Executive Secretary after noticing that there was pressure from some key partners and civil society groups after Adam Bona’s expose had no option than to constitute a three man facts finding committee within his office to quietly sanction his uncle and his other accomplice.
Their sanction was not made known to staffs though under normal circumstances when a Staff is sanctioned, such as dismissal, suspension, interdiction among others, a memo is circulated and pasted on the notice board for the attention of all, but in the case of the Uncle of the Executive Secretary of NACOB it done on the quiet.
On the case of the alleged corruption in the purchase of a swivel chair for Ghs 10,000, staff of the Board have expressed serious reservations about the issue.
Deep throat sources told us that the contract was signed after the invoice was generated by the Procurement head through the consent of the Executive Secretary Francis Kofi Torknornoo but on the blind sides of the Deputy Executive Secretary Michael Addo, and the Divisional Supervisor in charge of Administration, Seth Mensah, who signed the contract with the supplier in 2018.
Michael Addo and Seth Mensah, we gathered, are deeply surprised and disappointed in the act which seeks to humiliate them.
“The Executive Secretary through this act with the help of the Procurement manager Adofo have been doing very fishy deals for their personal gains. Even operational monies are only taken charge of by the Executive Secretary alone without disclosing how it was disbursed or used to anyone,” a worried staff member told us.
“There is apathy and lack of morale at the Narcotics Control Board since the Executive Secretary Francis Kofi Torknornoo has refused to adhere to the plight of staff but rather resort to intimidation,” another lamented.
They are therefore calling on the president Nana Akufo-Addo to intervene because it is appearing as if the the government doesn’t seem care about happenings at NACOB anymore.

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