Nana Akufo-Addo, the Original ‘Alumi’

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With eyes full of hope and desire, Ghana elected Akufo-Addo as the President of our country. What was the mandate given to the NPP? What was the reason behind the election of Nana as the President of our country?

Was it about portraying the image of an autocratic leader? Was it about portraying the image of a strong leader? Someone, Ghana needed the most at the time to assure Ghanaians that he has solutions to our existing problems?

It was a hopeful mandate given him by people who were fed up of happenings in the country under the NDC government. People needed new set of solution to the National issues that Ghana was facing. Ghana wanted a corruption free government that would work towards the benefits of the rural masses and the deprived communities.

When Charlotte Osei declared the results everyone was happy, except for the NDC party. It was the first time in Ghana that the opposition had won with such huge majority. Many including myself claimed this victory as the victory of truth over corruption. On January 7, 2017, Nana took charge as President of Ghana. When the portfolios were distributed among different ministers, it felt like a wave of fresh air is flowing throughout the country. The media was cooperative towards the government.

What disappointed us the most was the government’s inaction in the field of education. We all embraced the FSHS and saw it as a potent weapon for 2020. But information so far shows loopholes in the government run secondary schools. The decision to introduce the FSHS programme without a policy document all done in the name of new education policy, shows how we are moving backwards. Our universities fail to find place in the world ranking. Despite being centres of intellectual growth, our universities have turned into zones for political fights and ideological suppression. As a former teacher and student leader, I have great hopes for our educational institutions and don’t want political hooligans to play political chess game with our education

Like many others I also voted for Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP with lot of hope. I also had been waiting for Nana’s miracle for the last nineteen months. I am matured enough to understand that all election promises can’t be fulfilled. But the shortfall between promises and expectations is huge. Here I list down things where Akufo-Addo has been a big disappointment.

Ending corruption and putting corrupt behind bar. We expected once Akufo-Addo is in power, he will put all those he and his party labelled as corrupt behind bar. We were told that there was enough evidence to put those they accused behind bar. However, its been nineteen months and not one of those the accused is behind bar. Instead of ending corruption as he promised, he has institutionalised it and has rebranded it with nepotism. Rather than punishing corrupt officials in his administration, he defend them with accolades and titles. The administration has no respect for our procurement laws.

About 90% of our promises have not been fulfilled including the construction of dams, the factories in the districts, the money we promised the constituencies, better economic condition.

We promised Ghanaians a more stable cedi. The Cedi is in its most terrible situation. The situation of the cedi is affecting businesses and government business

The administration has not broken new grounds in any positive sense, but has instead reached historically unprecedented heights of impunity in all manner of vices far above and beyond the challenges which made some of us join the NPP.

We all had high expectations and those expectations have not been satisfied by the government. The current GDP growth and other positive indicators are not creating jobs, reducing prices of goods and services.

The youth is getting more frustrated because of non availability of jobs. The Cities are getting dirtier contrary to what we promised Ghanaians, businesses are folding up because of certain draconian policies we’ve introduced.

Gullop will tell you : when people see their lives headed in the wrong direction, they want change. Gradually we becoming victims of the very change we preached in 2016 which was graciously accepted by the good people of Ghana.

Meanwhile, international agencies have dropped Ghana in a number of global ranking. Like the World Bank’s 2017 ranking of ease of doing business, where Ghana slipped, the latest Transparency International’s latest report where Ghana dropped.

Ghana stands at a crossroads. Ghana has the opportunity to turn towards prosperity, or it can continue on the road it has been on for so long and continue to struggle with underdevelopment and poverty. The President and the NPP have the responsibility to determine which way Ghana will go. But if the current pace is how we going to move the next two years, then we are doomed.

It is painful and difficult to acknowledge that Mahama and his government performed better than the current administration, it is difficult and painful to acknowledge that all the projects we seeing around including the Terminal 3, the UG Teaching Hospital, the Dodowa Hospital, the Kumasi military hospital are projects of the last administration. The most succinct explanation one can give to happenings in the country is – weak leadership and leadership failure. The lack of prosperity and current economic hardship suggest that voter, in 2016, failed to change the nation’s trajectory towards prosperity.

Frank Adutwum

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