Nana Ama McBrown advises young girls against nude images

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Renowned actress, Nana Ama McBrown has counseled young ladies to desist from sending their nude images to their boy lovers under the guise of professing how much they love them.

She observe that the trend has been on the ascendency indicating that it is not in any way a mark of how one is committed to the boy lover.

The actress admonishment comes in the wake of the release of nude images and videos by some young girls to their boyfriends that later found its way into public domain through social media in the recent times.

According to her, people especially young girls are indulging in all forms of acts just to gain popularity indicating that it rather smacks of stupidity cautioning them to hasten slowly in such behaviors.

“People do all sorts of things because it is trending, but it is not every trending lifestyle that is wise to be involved in. Being smart doesn’t mean when you buy your Victoria secret panty, take a picture of it and send to a man”, she said.

She indicated that men who have good intentions of marrying ladies will not use their nude images as a prerequisite for walking down the aisle with them.


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