Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fatih Society inaugurated in Ketu South

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A Muslim Organization known as Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fatih Society, NASFAT for short has been inaugurated at Denu-Zongo in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region to help under-privileged and promote Quran reading.

The group is into ‘Da’wah’, – evangelism to spread the teaching of The Holy Quran and to also contribute to the welfare of the Community in which they operate in the area of Sanitation, Education, Health, Trade and other developmental issues to the benefit of all members.

In his inaugural speech, The National Auditor, Ghana Zonal, Wasiu Yusuf, said “NASFAT itself started about 21 years ago in Nigeria with a group of Bankers who just felt that beyond their personal growth, they needed to really contribute to the growth of the community and being Muslims,  they came together to form this Association (NASFAT).

And, gradually they started spreading that same good deeds, actually their actions were based on phrase in The Quran which says we should promote what is good and discourage what is bad.”

According to him, when they started the good, they started promoting it and it has gone to almost every corner of Nigeria and extended to over 52 Countries worldwide including Ghana.

“We commenced operations in Ghana for over 10 years now, The Organization is currently in Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, Wa and now in Volta, Denu, ‘Zogome’ with population of about 30-40 Muslims to start with.”

His believed that, the seed they have sown in Denu-Zongo….“by the grace of God would really growth and the people of Denu and its environs should see the benefit of this. Because, it is for the spiritual growth as well as the welfare of the Community”, emphasizing the point that, “spiritual means that, we are all God conscious and being God conscious also means you must also be other human conscious: You care about the creation of that creator: People should eat, people should feel good and live well”.

We are into evangelism to wining more souls for God by translating The Quran into simple languages for all, everybody is welcomed, he stressed.

The National Officers have presented to the newly created Denu Branch, a set of Public Address System, Ten (10) prayer Mats and Ten (10) prayers books.

Source: Francis Edzorna Mensah

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