Natural foods boost sex drive: Sexotherapist

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Sexotherapist Dr Larry Boat
Sexotherapist Dr Larry Boat

Men should stop depending on alcohol, drugs and other herbal concoctions to boost their performance in bed and understand that having a great sexual encounter with their spouse comes from the mind, sexotherapist Dr Larry Boat has advised.

According to Dr Boat, consuming unhealthy aphrodisiacs sold on the market can rather lead to overworking of the heart which could be fatal.

For him, the numerous drugs being sold on the market do not achieve what is advertised and has numerous side effects which do not make them healthy for use.

“Do you know the biggest and greatest aphrodisiac? That is the mind; it is the mindset,” he told Moro Awudu on Class FM’s Executive Breakfast Show on Wednesday, May 10.

Even though he admitted that some men had medical conditions which expose them to premature ejaculation, he was of the view that anxiety, stress, and fatigue were some of the main causes of not lasting long in bed.

“When I hear people taking these bitters, this aphrodisiac and all that it saddens me because they are killing themselves… Do you know what you are doing to yourself? If you are a car and you are moving do you know how many kilometres you are travelling in terms of sex? More than a Jaguar vehicle and that is why so many men collapse after sex,” he explained.

He outlined the importance of foreplay by men to prepare the minds of their spouses in order to have great sexual lives.

He recommended taking to natural foods which enhance sexual performance while moderating consumption of unhealthy foods to help men improve their sex lives.

He recommended regular consumption of common fruit mixtures such as watermelon, strawberry, and lime or banana, strawberry and pawpaw smoothies which improve sex.

He said consumption of avocado pear, ginger, garlic, nutmeg, and chilli also help in sex enhancement.


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