NDC’s opposition to the creation of the Office of a Special Prosecutor and the Issues

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You say you were not corrupt when you were in government. You say you didn’t steal our money for Woyome/Waterville/Isofoton. You say Ibrahim Mahama did absolutely no wrong in all his dealings. You say the infamous bus rebranding thing was not a corruption scandal. You say the cost of the so called VEEP’s official residence was not criminally inflated. You say you have no questions to answer in the SADA and GYEEDA scandals.
Another political party disagrees with you and says you were very corrupt. They say you were stealing our money when you were in government, a claim which was confirmed by the nation’s Supreme Court when a sitting judge described your action as one of create-loot-and-share. Based on this and more, they say you should be voted out of power and promise to bring JUSTICE to the Ghanaian taxpayer, whose hard-earned money you were stealing. To this end, they promised to establish the OFFICE OF A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR.
Fortunately, Ghanaians listened to them and kicked you out of government. They thus, voted overwhelmingly for this political party hoping that all wrongdoers would indeed be brought to JUSTICE. Ghanaians voted for them hoping that all corrupt public officials would be made to face the full rigours of the law and ensure that the culture of impunity paves way for the culture of deterrence in our public space.
Truly truly, this political party upon winning the elections and forming government, is making do with their campaign promise under the circumstances. They have laid before parliament, the “SPECIAL PROSECUTOR’S BILL”. This bill, when passed, will lead to the establishment of the Office of Special Prosecutor which shall have the mandate to PROSECUTE all cases of corruption in all governments [past and present governments].
Guess what is happening now? The very people who said they were not corrupt when they were in government are now up in arms against the establishment of this Special Prosecutor’s Office. They are even against the laying of the bill in Parliament in the first place citing some so called procedural anathema to cover their stiff opposition to the bill. Not only that, they have also vowed to go to the Supreme Court to challenge the legality of the Special Prosecutor’s Bill, which would soon become Law.
I now understand why only old women feel unease with the mention of old bones. But, be that as it may, I won’t draw any conclusions from this factual narrative. I know my fellow countrymen and women are NOT unintelligent and so, I will leave you to draw your own conclusions bearing in mind the national interest. Long live our Motherland.
Assalamu alaikum
Source: Iddi Muhayu-Deen

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