NDC’s Statement On The Construction of the Hohoe Sports Complex

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) wishes to share in the joy of the chiefs and the good people of Hohoe Municipality for the good news of the construction of a sports complex at Kitikpa. We are greatful to God that a step has been taken to ensure that our youths, school children and the general public will have a sporting facility for recreation and entertainment in the Municipality. It will as well go a long way to affect our health situations positively and support the economic activities of the area. For these reasons we congratulate the whole municipality for being available to witness the sod cutting of the said project.

It is however, very important to state some facts clearly for us to understand the history behind the construction of this sports complex.

1. In the year 2005/2006 under the leadership of Hon. John Peter Amewu as the Municipal Chief Executive, a contract was awarded to his business partner, who had shares in the Volta Forest Product. For clearity sake, he is Ghanaian born Lebanese called Tony. Sod cutting was done then by Hon. John Peter Amewu and work was began by the contractor. Clearing was done, and fencing of the area was started. It is also on record that blocks were bought by the said contractor from Tema on to the site. That was the end of the work of Tony, the contractor. The contractor was never paid any amount and the work was abandoned.

Like we all know, all the materials were stolen and destroyed because the project was never continued.

2. In the year 2007, Ghana@50, 6th March, was celebrated at the location of the sports complex. Because the place was not in any good shape to host the event, another contractor was brought from Accra by Hon. John Peter Amewu to clear, gravel and put the venue in shape. This was done but like the earlier contractor, he was also not paid any amount.

The assembly was sued for non-payment by this new contractor whose lawyer was one Bakata from Fodome.

The points to note here for which we wish to debunk all forms of propaganda that NDC did nothing about the project are these.

1. No document on the existing contract was found to understand the scope of the project as at the 2009 when NDC came to power with Hon. Victor Condobrey as the Municipal Chief Executive.

2. It was during the regime of NDC with Hon. Victor Condobrey and Hon. Dr. Margret Kweku as the Municipal Chief Executives that the debts of the two contractors were paid because it became a court case.

3. Due to the issues of financial lost that was created by the then regime headed by Hon. John Peter Amewu to the Assembly, it was difficult to continue the project until Hon. Peter Worlanyo Abomah came to office in 2016.

He made some efforts to restart the project. But due to the huge amounts that were sinked into paying the judgement debts to the first contractors, it was difficult to commit the assembly to signing a new contract. It is however on record that the sports ministry then was written to take over the project which they accepted before we lost power in 2016.

We believe that the above vivid explanations will cure all forms of mischieves from the NPP propagandist for an individual’s political gain.

The party as a critical stakeholder in the Municipality, will want to find out some few things from the political leaders of the Municipality.

1. How was the new contractor selected for the re- designed project?

2.Who is funding the re-designed project?

3. How much is the project costing?

4. What is the local content to help local contractors?

5. Should auditing not be done to the previous contract to bring to book all those who might have caused financial lost to the Municipality.

While we wait for answers to these questions, we want to appreciate all media houses for pushing for the good of the Municipality and to all who eagerly await the completion of this project, we are in prayers with you.

Thank you all.

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