Nestlé Nutrition Line marks 18th Anniversary with a Wellness Session

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As part of activities to mark the 18th anniversary of Nestle Nutrition Line (NNL), a wellness session has been held at the company’s head office in Accra. It was on the theme “Wellbeing, a 360 Approach”.

The Nestlé Nutrition Line is a public service radio program by Nestlé Ghana which aims at educating consumers in Ghana on good Nutrition, healthy living, among others. Close to a 100 people, including staff of the Nestle Ghana and a good number of listeners of the programme as well as consumers of Nestle products took part in the session on Saturday morning.

Activities included workout sessions, health talk, fun games, quiz, among others.

The Head of Marketing Services at Nestle Ghana, Samantha Wuta-Ofei, told that the event is motivated by the fact that they want to a closer interaction with the listeners of the programme; and being a leading health and nutrition promotion company it is an opportunity to contribute to healthier lifestyles to enhance the quality of life.

“These is one of the things that we try to do, it is a public service programme and we want to inspire our listeners, our consumers, to live a healthier lifestyle. Yes, we give a lot of information on air but we also want to engage with our listeners,” she stated.

“It is also a way of saying thank you to our listeners for being with us for all these years. Thank you for being with us for 18 years, and we hope to count more 18 years with them. We want to reward them for being loyal to us,” she added.

According to her, the impact of the Nestlé Nutrition Line over the years has been very refreshing because of the number of people who testify to its benefits.

“They tell us they didn’t know this or that before but now they know. For example, a lot of adults used to think that milk is just for children, but they have been educated to know that with the right measurement they can also consume it as well. So the impact is that we are giving them knowledge on nutrition and wellness,” she stated.

A Clinical Psychologist with the LEKMA Hospital in Accra, Masha Boi Bashiru, who spoke on the psychological effects of stress in our daily activities said one of the effective ways to tackle stress is to prioritize work schedules. She said most people lack the education to control stress and so when they are stressed at work or at home, instead of taking a break they end up with activities that rather stress them the more.

“By prioritizing your schedule what it means is that you are able to work within your schedule of say between 8am to 5pm. You are not supposed to take your work home unless on extreme cases. Unless it is very urgent that you need to produce something ….otherwise if you really prioritize how to do your work, you shouldn’t be carrying your work home,” she emphasied.

“Also, a lot of people don’t know the source of their stress so they keep adding to it, financial problems, church activities, family relationships, we mix them all together, and these mostly make us more stressful. You’ll realize that the more you experience stress the more your productivity drops so you are not becoming as productive as you used to be. You go to work, you are sitting down but outside minded because you are stressed. You become irritating and you become aggressive, so anyone who wants to talk to you or even have some information to give you they withdraw from you because they say you are always aggressive. You begin to have odd relationship with your bosses. You are sidelined on a lot of things. These are all effects of stress,” she stated.

She said stress is like a catalyst to mental health problems, which also leads to, psychological trauma, anxiety, among others.

“When the stress keeps going on for a very long time it leads to deterioration in physical health, for example hypertension, blood pressure. Some people may develop chronic illness; you are constantly in pain, but you go to the hospital and all the lab tests seem to be fine. It is because this is a psychological problem which affects the body physically,” Bashiru revealed.

She said one of the effective ways of handling stress is through education.

“We need to educate people to know how to identify stress and deal with it. With the right education you’ll be able to know that what I am feeling is not malaria or fever, it is stress, so I need to take a break, relax enough before going on with the normal activities again,” she added.

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