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New Chamber for Parliament?

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Unimpeachable information stumbled upon by our roving scouts has it that the Parliament under the leadership of the Rt. Hon. Aaron Micheal Oquaye is feverishly planning to build a new chamber for Parliament.

According to our information, plans are far advanced for the take-off of this chamber, and the venue, we have reliably gathered, is the left hand side of the forecourt from the ceremonial gate, where all manner of events including funerals for celebrities take place.

Our information has it further that when this chamber project takes off, trees around the place, which serves as wind break for Parliament will be cut down, thereby exposing Parliament to uncontrolled windy storms.

Readers may recall that some time back, a windy storm struck Parliament House ripping off the roof of the chamber block. Emergency and adhoc measures had to be taken to get that roof restored, not mentioning the challenges these restoration measures underwent.

Already a part of the right hand side of the forecourt of Parliament close to the Osu Cemetery has been cleared to make way for a visitors’ lounge. The trees there have been demolished for that purpose. A situation that has exposed Parliament to stormy in case they should strike.

According to our information, these trees were planted during Dr. K.A. Busia regime at a great cost to serve as wind break for the august house. But as if those ideas and visions were not well considered, these trees had to be demolished for that visitors’ lounge.

Going to fell down these trees, and thereby degrading the environment also goes a long way to proof Dr. Kwame Nkrumah visionless by leaving these spaces for the use of the unborn generation! Why is it that this part of the fore-court is being taken away this time, when it has been there from time immemorial?” queried a worried Parliament Staffer, “Does Ghana need another chamber, at a time Ghanaians can’t make ends meet”? asked another.

Stay tuned for more as developments unfold.

Source: Our Roving Scouts

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