Next Demo against the creation of a New Region out of Volta Region is on Dec 15

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Since the hunter has learnt to shoot without missing, the bird has also learnt to fly without perching.

The world does not move by people who give their best and go to sleep but rather, the world is shaken and awaken by people who persevere and never compromise.

The Concerned Citizens of Volta Region have resiliently bounced back with power packed energy filled beyond capacity in our quest to continually speak for Volta Region against the injustice that the corridors of power are plugging the lives within the land into. Our commitment in giving our very best relentlessly in defense of the Volta Region, the land that harbor the Guans, the Lolobis, the santrokofes the Likpes, the Anlos, the Penyis, the Buems the Asorglis, the Tongus, the Somes, the Krachis, the Woraworas, the Akpafus the Katangas, the Kujes, Tokuranus, Dormabis, the Kpelesus, the Kpelimbas, Tutukpenes, the Kparekpares, the Asukwakwas, the Aporsorkubis, the Kponfris, the Danyi-Amanfros, the Papases, among others are no mere reason but rather a destiny call.

We know no retreat, neither would we surrender until the bright future of every child, every young person, every old person regardless of their geographical location in the Volta Region is assured by the collectors and the managers of the taxes from the Volta Region.

The people of the Volta Region are hardworking and law abiding citizens. We work hard and generously give our best to the Country through taxation and other fields of commitment and importance. Instead of the Government of Ghana to reciprocate our LOVE and give back to us what is due to the land, just as they do to the other Regions, they abandoned us and left us under the mercy of loneliness as we crave and fight for survival value in vain.

Underdevelopment is clapping everywhere in the land, poverty reign as the supreme king, sickness as the supreme soldier, illiteracy, the greatest teacher, hunger, the absolute Doctor of the land.

Our Chiefs, the traditional soul of our people and the custodians of the greatest human inheritance on earth are not even spared. They are disrespected and treated with scorn and greatest disdain ever in the history of Ghana since independence. What a pity? Yet we stand strong and united. And to think that the very little (only God knows how little) that the government intends to do for the land, is the basis of dividing the land in the name of creating a new Region is strongly regretted and rejected in the highest order. This is Evil and we say shame to the perpetrators and orchestrators of this shameful ordeal. The decision is only a ploy of divide and rule tactics. At the end nothing good will come out of it.

Is this the reward politicians want to recognize the land with? After several years of commitment, loyal and patriotism to the course of nationhood?

Well, from the high Mountain of Afadja, through the plain land of Ho, on the rich blue sea of Keta, we stand proclaiming to the world that Ghanaian politicians have beaten the drum and Volta Region has refused to dance to the tune. Hence, the comeback demonstration.

The general public is hereby informed and invited to join the passionate rank and file of the Concerned Citizens of Volta Region (CCVR) in our comeback peaceful demonstration scheduled for December 15, 2017 against the creation of a new region in the Volta region.

Participants are expected to gather at Ho market by 8:30 am, of which we will take off at exactly 9:00 am. We will follow the rout through K.K House to Civic Center, continue to Goil Filling Station to the last top of VRCC where we will present our grievances to the government   (Regional Minister) and hold press briefing.

Dress code for the demonstration is RED.

The Police have been contacted and they have assured us of maximum security.

All should endeavor to give this demonstration the needed support and attention if not for any of the reasons stated above, but for the sake of the Guan child who don’t want to be separated from his family in Worawora, the Lolobi girl Child who is scared of crossing a border before going to her neighbors, the Anlo man who don’t want to be divided on a tribal line, the Buem little boy who don’t want to see his Krachi neighbors as enemy, the Worawora woman who want to maintain her relationship with her Anlo neighbors. Let us remember this and stop politicians from turning us against one another.

The functional executives of the Concerned Citizens of Volta Region has learnt with excessive disappointment, that a section of the public is unjustifiably linking our Comeback demonstration to Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF).

We therefore wish to unequivocally set the record straight, that Homeland Study Group Foundation has no involvement whatsoever in our comeback demonstration. The entire exercise was planned and organized by leadership of Concerned Citizens of Volta Region.

We however advise those people making such groundless claim to refrain from it and stop misleading the public. Such things does not speak well of us as a Country, it betrays our democracy. They should learn to be Citizens and not spectators.

For any further information and clarifications, contact the executives of the Concerned Citizens of Volta Region.


Thank you.


Dully Signed:

Alornyo Bidahor



Raymond Nukpor




Yevugah Daniel





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