No more shortage of Water during our rescue missions – Fire Service

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Assistant Divisional Officer II in charge of Safety in Accra, Patience Osei, has asked the public not to hesitate in calling on the Service anytime there is a fire outbreak near them because they are the reason the Service exists.

She said most people refuse to call the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) because they argue that their services are poor and always fail in quenching fires.

She was speaking during an educational campaign exercise at the Makola No 2 Market in Agbogloshie. The exercise seeks to create awareness about the causes of fire outbreaks at homes and in the market.

“Don’t hesitate to call on us anytime there is a fire outbreak somewhere. A lot of people say we don’t do anything when we get to the fire scenes but that is wrong” she said.

“Some say that we use water as an excuse and say that we have run out of water. It is all false. I always check the level at which the fire is and then bring that amount of water which can quench. Even though at all times, our tankers are full, we get to some fire scenes where all the water we bring get finished yet the fire is still blazing. Due to this we have to look for a water hydrant which is closer to the scene to get more water” she explained.

DOII Patience Osei however assured the public that shortage of water in the cause of discharging their duties on location is now a thing of the past. She said there are extra tankers that follow the fire tenders to the scenes so that in case there is a need for more water, they are used.

The safety officer also expressed worry about the way and manner some people jokingly call to the emergency number of the Ghana National Fire Service to report fake fire cases.

“I am very worried about the way people call our emergency numbers to report fake cases of fire outbreaks” she said

Some even call and tell our women to come and quench fire in their homes at very late hours. This is not fair at all,” she added.

DOII Patience Osei urged any Fire officer who collects money before him or her perfrms his duties should be reported to the nearest Fire Service Station for sanctions.

“Ghana National Fire Service don’t charge for the services they render that is why we are being paid by the government. It is free of charge” she advised.

“Please don’t hesitate to report any fire officer who claims money from you before discharging his duties” she added.

Victims of fire are also asked to calm down during such situations and call emergency number. During the call, they should relax and answer any question that will be asked by the receiver.

Source: Priscilla Anum-Noi




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