We have no water to drink: Lamentations of Klikor Paramount Chief

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The Paramount Chief (Fiaga) of the Klikor Traditional Area in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region, Togbe Addo VIII, has appealed to the Government to provide them with water, saying “we are neglected for far too long”.

According to him, his community is sitting on an ocean of water tapped by two deep wells: One serving the communities along the coast from Blekusu, Agavedzi, Amutsimu, Salakorpe to Adina among others. The other one supplying the school has also been extended to Adzadokorpe, Weta and beyond, but they are denied.

He said, “despite all these, Klikor has been neglected with impunity. The one supplying the school is woefully under-utilized and it is our view that this resource can be extended to the Klikor Central.

This step will greatly alleviate the water problems of Klikor. Water, you know, is life and we hope The Minister of Resources and Sanitation will give this humble request a quality attention.”

The Paramount Chief made these pronouncements on the occasion of durbar, marking the Zendo annual Glimetso Za, 2017 and fundraising held at Klikor.

The festival celebrated Zendo communities; Klikor, Klefe, Tsorxor, Kpeve and Tsibu in commemoration of their exodus from Nortse to their presents settlements on rotational bases.

The 2017 Zendo Glimetso Za hosted by Klikor focusing on the “harnessing our resources for development”, intended to give the only Senior High School, Klikor Senior High Technical School a face-lift. According to Togbe, “The School which sits on 76,3acre land is facing serious encroachment. It is our intention to construct a fence wall around the school to stop the encroachment menace.

The school can boast of a strong academic staff but the necessary inputs the staff needs to inculcate its full academic potential in the students are insufficient”, revealing that the Science and Technical department are there without equipment.

Enumerating the challenges confronting these communities, Togbe Addo VIII, stated that the political structure that divides kpeve old town and the new town between Afadzato South and South Dayi does not help in promoting unity, peace and coordinating development of the community.

“Kpeve is one community and would like to urge our MPs and the Regional Minister to propose and promote amendment to the current law for Kpeve to be unified under one assembly”, this Torgbe believed will pave way for other issues to be resolved within the community to foster growth and development in the area.

In the area of education, Togbe was grateful to the government for selecting Klefe among other towns for computerized library. But he however noted that, “on the Klefe Technical and Vocational Institute (KTVI), we need to complete the workshop and classroom for practical training and to enable the admission of new students.

Togbe on behalf of Tsibu reminders the government of…..”Tsibu town is rapidly expanding and we appeal to the Ho West Assembly to facilitate the extension of power supply to the new developing areas. We also wish to appeal to the assembly to support us with construction of nurses’ quarters to accommodate some of health workers at The Clinic”.

He however, thank the Volta River Authority and Government for rehabilitating the basic school facilities in Tsorxor, but he quickly noted that, the road from Tsrukpe through Botoku to Tsorxor is dangerously un- motorable, and made a special appeal to the Central Government  through the Regional Minister to address what he referred to as unfortunate situation.

“Tsorxor has enough physical structures to host information communication Technology facilities and we are pleading for the supply of computers and other ICT equipment to set up a functional laboratory in the community”.

The paramount Chief of Anlo State, Togbe Sri III, on his part lauded the Zendo Communities for the celebration, adding that the zendo module is worthy of emulating by all true Ewes.

He revealed that, The Ewes were one people with unique and common purpose but they were divided by The Europeans at the conference held in Berlin at Germany in 1844, making them scattered in Ghana, Benin, Togo and some western parts of Nigerian, especially Gbadagri.

He said, “If there is any group of people today who needs to be reunited, then it is the Ewes. We don’t need another conference to bring us together but we ourselves, The oneness and common heritage of the Ewes from Hogbe is never in doubt, from our common languages, the composition of sounds, drumming and dancing, marriage, outdooring of new born babies, burials and funeral rites, all make our culture unique”.

Togbe reminded his people that, “we need to come together like the Zendo Group to promote the singleness of purpose and unity for economy and political development. We need more interaction, in the areas of trade and cultural exchanges to bring us together in the future”, challenging The Ewe people to eschew the divisiveness to unite and push forward as one people.

We need to revive the Ewe Kingdom to be able to once again bring the wall and walk into economic freedom, he emphasis.

Responding to some of the issues raised by the Chiefs, the Member Parliament for The Area, Fiifi Kwetey, assured the people of portable water in no time. According to him, “funds for the water project is sitting the Assembly and very soon, the contractors shall move to site to start work”, adding that, The NDC government has commenced many projects in the area and it is his expectations and commitment to liaise with the current government to finish uncompleted projects by 2020.

The Municipal Chief Executive of the Ketu North, Anthony Avorgbedor speaking for the Regional Minister, Dr, Archibald Yao Letsa, has reiterated the Government commitment to fulfill its promises, saying “NPP government has started with destiny changing free SHS policy, this policy so far to the heart of His Exigency, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo- Addo and we all must put our shoulders to the wheel to make it successful”, Mr, Avorgbedor, noted that, there is an evidence in the 2018 budget, to the effect that, Klikor Senior High Secondary Technical School is certainly going to benefit from plans by government to undertake some infrastructure development. I shall use my office to make sure KLISEC has its share of the national cake-he pledged.

Source: Francis Edzorna mensah

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