North Dayi MP pays tribute to her late father

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The Honorable Member of Parliament for the North Dayi Constituency in the Volta Region, Joycelyn Tetteh, has paid glowing tributes to the loving memory of her late father, Mr Martin Kodzo Tetteh

In a touching tribute to her late Dad on fathers day, Joycelyn described him as a super Man who sacrificed his meager salary for the upkeep of his children and food for their satisfaction at all times.

The late Mr Tetteh died on 12th June, 2017 at the Korlebu Teaching Hospital and would be buried on July 1, 2017 at Tsyome Sabadu, Volta region.

The Late Martin Tetteh

Find below the full text of the tribute….

…good morning Papa, I am fine! Hahahahahhahahaha today is Father’s Day, yes I know, I know you are gone u decided to leave me all alone in this cruel world, ok! So Papa its Father’s Day today and I have to do the honorable thing yes, I have to because you did not show me whom to call a father when you are away, who to kiss my forehead when I perform my duties well so just accept that you can’t run away from what you are supposed to do. Just accept that you remain the only father!

Anyway I just want you to know my love for you was deeper than you thought, u mean the world to me, eeeehen Papa how did you perform the fatherly role so perfectly? How did you pay all the fees with your meager salary eeei you this man! Papa so were you a super man? How could you give us your food and go hungry?

God knew you were the only one who could play this role perfectly, no don’t smile at me, u know I am not happy with you right? Why did you lie to me? You lied you were satisfied when you didn’t have any food, you lied you were fine when sickness took over your body Papa you lied you were taking a nap when you knew you were dying! Why? Why didn’t you practice what you thought us? Ok so why all that lie?

I can feel ur touch eeei ur warm hug I miss it!  Don’t go wait waaaiiit Papa are you listening? Ok Papa I want to go with you, I want to iron ur cloths again I want to massage ur back with ur favorite ointment eheenn Papa so if you leave whom would you share your secrets with? I am here ooo!

Papa but why can’t you feel what I feel? Can’t you see I am going crazy? Can’t you see my heart bleeds? Papa my eyes are soaked with tears! Hmmmn life! Ok so you asked me for one thing! Just one and you didn’t wait for it, how about the grannies you asked for? Papa the boy would be a Monday born and he’d look just like you! The girl would look like ur beloved wife yes! Papa it’s Father’s Day, you deserve an international award king! Happy happy Father’s Day!
Ok! Dear God, thank you for my new angel, angel Martin. Angel your work on earth was done flawlessly, now, pls tell God to assign you to me just me alone. Pls watch over me through the darkest nights and through the brightest days.

Fight for me when I am weak and speak for me when I am sad, be with me in all I do and guide me till I meet you, happy Father’s Day to you my amazing father Mr. Martin Kodzo Tetteh who left to rest with the Lord!


Source: Christian Kpesese

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