North Dayi MP supports youth

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Member of Parliament (MP) for North Dayi District in the Volta region, Ms Joycelyn Tetteh has donated some set-up kits worth thousands of Ghana Cedis to some youth in her constituency who have completed a three (3) year apprenticeship in dressmaking.

The set-up kits including sewing machines were handed over to the beneficiaries at a graduation ceremony held at the Anfoega RC Park over the week-end.

Addressing the gathering, the North Dayi lawmaker called on the youth of Ghana especially those in her constituency to take vocational, technical and apprenticeship training very seriously since that is one of the surest ways to their economic self-emancipation.

According to her learning a trade or a skill makes one self-employed in the advent of high youth unemployment in the country. She therefore called on parents who hold the notion that technical, vocational or apprenticeship training is the reserve of drop-outs to reconsider their thoughts.

Ms Tetteh explained that all over the world vocational, technical or apprenticeship training has been an effective tool to reduce youth unemployment. Countries like: Germany, Japan, and China are some of the countries which have develop their economy through vocational and technical education.

“In the advent of high youth unemployment in the country, our youth should be encourage to take vocational, technical or apprenticeship training which provides available job after completion” the North Dayi said.

She is therefore urging all those who are wanting to learning a vocation or going into any form of apprenticeship but are discouraged by what people say should do so, because my office is ready to support anyone who wants to learn a vocation.

The North Dayi lawmaker however appealed to the beneficiaries to make judicious use of the equipment to benefit more people in their respective communities.

Ms Tetteh told Today after the ceremony, that youth unemployment in the country was assuming an alarming proportion which if not address will affect the development of the nation.

“I believe we all as individuals or organisations can help by supporting and encouraging the young ones to take up vocational, technical education seriously to reduce unemployment in country.” She charged.

Source: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

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