North Korea has beaten the United States War Policy

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US President Donald Trump criticized the administration of Barack Obama for an overly compliant attitude toward the DPRK just a year ago upon assuming office. The new owner of the White House promised to solve the North Korean problem through “fury and fire.”

However, the head of the DPRK, Kim Jong-Yung, masterfully used the militant rhetoric of Trump to achieve his own goals. The North Korean leader explained his desire to develop the nuclear program precisely by willingness to oppose the aggressive plans of the American president. He was helped by the obvious amateurism of the head of the White House in matters of foreign policy. As a result, Kim achieved the most of goals he desired: North Korea was able to create nuclear weapons, as well as delivery vehicles that could hit the US territory. Thus, Pyongyang reliably secured itself from a possible blow from Washington.

Having received the “nuclear club” in hand, Kim Jong-Yung immediately initiated the resumption of the negotiation process with the South Korean authorities. He stressed the importance of “improving ties” between countries for the subsequent “voluntary unification” of the two Koreas in his New Year’s address to the nation.

On January 3, 2018, the authorities of the DPRK announced the restoration of the “red line” of communication with the leadership of the Republic of Korea. Five days later at the border town Panmunjom the diplomats from both Korean states started the negotiations.

Kim Jong-Yung’s steps are not due to his weakness. On the contrary, the North Korean leader proved that, despite the odiousness of his regime, he remains quite a pragmatic politician. Kim decided to maximize the degree of confrontation with Washington for achieving goals he desired. He managed to soften the confrontation speaking from the position of force and dictating the terms of peace to his opponents.

Senior member of Columbia University, Joel Wit shares a similar point of view. According to him, Trump’s administration is suffering a tangible defeat in the confrontation with Pyongyang.

“Despite severe economic sanctions and constant threats from the United States, the DPRK was able to become a nuclear power. Thereafter Kim decided not to force the situation. Taking in consideration the nuclear status of Pyongyang, Washington is compelled to compromise, as it fears a new wave of destabilization on Korean peninsula,” – said the American expert.

In this regard, North Korea firmly took its place in the “record” of political failures of Donald Trump. Kim Jong-Yung managed to play over the head of the White House. From now the North Korean leader will himself determine the conditions of the game and not to act according to other people’s rules. There is a strong feeling that Trump is one-step behind the current situation and tries to hide his own shortsightedness behind aggressive rhetoric.

By Clement Kpeklitsu


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