That the NPP is more Akan inclined than the NDC is a dangerous misconception

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We see misconceptions about policies, programmes and directives as a need worth addressing. We hear political parties and governments come out to address misconceptions they deem detrimental to their organisations. It the public does not understand a policy or information put out or even worse, misunderstands it, they may accept or reject it based on misinformation. It is important political parties, governments etc correct people’s misconceptions about an issue before it they cause deadly damages. It behooves on political parties to design effective communication strategy to meet their core political objectives.

The assertion that the NPP is more Akan inclined than the NDC cannot be true. I think any communication strategy should closely reflect a party’s overall and future organizational plan. The party should look at its overall vision and core aims and objectives. The is one of the formidable political organisations on the continent connected to the centre left international platform. The party must factor its future and sustainability into its policies and programmes. The youth are gradually taking over the political space and have become more vibrant than ever before. It behooves on the party to start designing policies targeting those within the 12 to 16 population bracket.

Because of technological advancement, our young folks become politically active early than it used to be. They read on our social Media platforms, watch and listen to political discussions, adverts etc on television and on radio. I don’t think misconception that NPP is more Akanic than the NPP should be planted in the minds of these young folks. Issues about tribe, religion etc are very crucial and when dealing with them, one must thread carefully. We must separate Danquah/Busia political tradition from the Akan ethic group and must be discussed based on its tradition and ideological philosophy. The subgroups of the Akan include Akwapim, Akyem, Asante, Akwamu, Kwahu, Wassa, Fante, Bono etc.

The Brong Ahafo dominated by Akans used to be a no go area for the NPP during the time of Mr Acheampong, Munifie and others. The NDC between 1992 and 1996 comfortably won these areas because of the massive infrastructure work the party did in the area and other projects it implemented in the area. The party was always hopeful of huge votes from the area every election. The party dominated in terms of votes in Wassa etc. The NDC comfortably dominated other Akans dominated areas such as Sefwi, Nzema, part of Ahanta, Anyin etc. In the 1992 election, because of the NPP boycott, we couldn’t get the real permutations. The contest was largely between the NDC and the NCP but in the 1996 election, the NDC still got significant votes from these Akan dominated areas. Carefully refuting that baseless misconception can reduce the young ones view about the NDC. There remain a substantial populace with misconceptions about this Akan issue that are likely to undermine the electoral fortunes of the NDC in future is not checked.

The Volta Akans have not abandoned their Akan principles, culture and language. Some still pay homage to Otumfuo and celebrate their Akan festivals annually. With this agenda to divide the Volta Region, that baseless Akan misconception must be cured and cured aggressively. The decision to divide the region proposed by other regimes was based purely on development. But this administration seems to be more interested in how it could use the division to get the Akan voltarains into their zone. Human as we are, our thinking and perceptions change with time. The NDC must avoid giving credence to that misconception that Npp is for the Akans and more Akan based than the NDC. That misconception if not checked, could influence the political decisions of the young folks including those from the Akan Volta zone.

The focus of the party should be why the NDC lost command over those Akan dominated areas including the B/A area to the NPP from 2000. Why it suffered few shocks in some of its strong holds in some Akan dominated areas. To understand the dynamics well look at the composition of the various NDC administrations and persons who spearheaded the parties core activities including drafting of its constitution. The party enjoyed that national support because of how the PNDC handled these areas. What went wrong? This is what we must find out. The Npp losses nothing if it is branded an Akan party. Gradually, that fake assertion is becoming its strength. It cannot survive the usual ideological contest so relying more on this misconception.


I am still struggling to understand why an NDC supporter or communicator will make this statement “The Npp claim they have all self made and intelligent people in their party”. That statement is dangerous, and bogus. Isn’t that an indirect way of giving credence to that misconception? How can a group people using a constitution well drafted by the NDC, claim are the best and most intelligent. Apart from the Constitution, about 90% of laws and policies regulating operations in our ministries, the oil and banking sector were drafted by NDC men and women. About 99% of our local government laws and regulations were drafted by Kwamena Ahwoi and our courts are still using some of the laws promulgated by the PNDC administration. You see, these little little statements have direct effect on our young folks. Every right thinking human being wants to be associated with the best so if we concede through such careless statements that they have the men, it will affect the party going forward.

The last is the misconception that the Npp has elected giants. In opposition, you don’t defend. You set the agenda for government. To do that, the party needs a well organized communication base to help it sustain its message. People must invest in the pro NDC newspapers, online portals and radio stations. Supporters must patronise these platforms. We turn to rubbish what belongs to us and rather, help our opponents project theirs.

Move beyond the main party environment. Reach out to the intellectuals, lawyers and other professionals who share same ideological philosophy with the party and use them. Their message will receive more attraction and attention within the apolitical environment than known NDC persons. This old rigidity must give way to reasonable flexibility to make the party more attractive and win more souls

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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