Where are the NPP’s communication “directors” and serial callers?

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Where are the NPP’s communication “directors” and serial callers to sing Akufo-Addo’s praise now that he is in the saddle of governance and isn’t sifting the grains from the chaff?

And there is so much chaff as to make us wonder where the grain lies in the Ghanaian situation that Akufo-Addo and Dr. Borrowmia saw in opposition but are blinded to now that they are in power. Four legs good, two legs bad (in the past); now, four legs worse, two legs over the bar!! In it all, no more voice to proclaim it. But it is happening in this family and friends government formed by Akufo-Addo. A monumentally disturbing phenomenon in Ghanaian politics!!

Folks, things are knocking things. In just 6 months into a four-year tenure, Akufo-Addo administration seems to be finding it difficult to do the uphill task that it set for itself, using all manner of people to paint pictures of a “rosy” Ghana under Akufo-Addo.

The rumpus over non-existent jobs and the mad rush by NPP activists to take over toll booths and public toilets seem to have reduced to absurdity all promises made by Team Akufo-Addo.

Not even the dastardly and wicked act of dismissing public servants perceived as NDC sympathizers from office and replacing them with NPP elements seems to be solving any problem.

Demands and agitations among the NPP followers for job placements are persistent. Assurances by the government that it will create job opportunities for such elements isn’t washing with them.

We can tell from the stiff opposition to the nominations for MMDCE positions all over the country and the indignation of the NPP followers that the days of massaging feelings are over for Akufo-Addo and Co.

Interestingly, those identified as the NPP’s communication directors at various levels in the country (district/constituency/regional/national) have gone underground. Some have even threatened not to do anything for the NPP administration because their hopes have been dashed. No jobs for them. Why, then, continue doing the yeoman’s job to cushion the Ken Ofori-Attas, Boakye Agyarkos and other “stealers”?

So, the situation now is that the NPP has lost the goodwill of its hitherto vocal communication directors and serial callers. All too soon? Even those at the helm of affairs at the party’s district/municipal/metropolitan/regional/national communication directorates have become submarines, gone underground and burning energy for nothing.

All too soon? Governance demands more than hot air blowing, Team Akufo-Addo!! Ex-President Mahama forewarned them, but they derided him. Now that reality has struck, what will they say?

They have already blamed every mess in Ghana on the Mahama administration and have no more justification to keep on flogging the dead horse. What next for them when their own spokespersons have lost faith and traction all too soon?

Don’t tell me that the Ministries of Information, Communication, and what-not are to do the job. Their appointees are busily looking for loopholes to exploit. Too much singing of “Halleluia… Halleluia” won’t put food on their table, which they know and are determined to outmanouevre. Who does the communication work for Team Akufo-Addo now?

Take the BOST stealing case gone awry as an example. The NPP’s team of communicators would have taken the initiative to whitewash everything on public media waves; but they are nowhere to do so. What has come from the party’s Majority in Parliament is more ludicrous than creditable. Disgraceful!!

So, where have all the NPP’s communicators vanished to? Gone underground to nurse petty grievances? Or forced by reality to know how not to sell their conscience for the good of self-seeking Ghanaian politicians of the sort masquerading as redeemers in Team Akufo-Addo?

Folks, more trouble for the self-righteous braggarts so early into the game. A journey of four years begun this way spells doom!!

Source: Dr Michael J.K. Bokor

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