NPP’s fear and Akamba’s ingenuity

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For many in the NPP, the only electoral advantage they have going into the 2020 elections is the poorly implemented free SHS.

To that effect, Nana Addo has decided to pump a lot of financial resources to meet all the challenges to it without success.

Somewhere September,2017, when the implementation started against the wise counsel of leading NPP members like Hon Dr Kwame Addo Kufour, the arrogant Minister of Education, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, decided to throw shades.

He went as far as insulting and attacking the former Education Minister, Hon Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang.

I understand that he has Vice presidential ambitions,so he believed that once the free shs is implemented, he will become the darling of parents and the students.

Nana Addo also felt that it will guarantee him the second term, hence gave his full blessings for the program.

Because there was no proper planning, immediately after the implementation, we saw massive congestion across the various senior high schools in the country.

We witnessed the deaths and outbreaks of diseases across the schools.

The President’s response to these legitimate concerns was that he is in hurry.

The headmaster of Osu Presbyterian School, overwhelmed with the congestion and lack of desks, starting appealing to parents to help.

Government saw his conduct as exposing the free shs to public ridicule and scorn.
Immediately he was transferred to Accra Metro Office of GES.

Teachers were immediately cowed into silence.

Teachers were afraid of crude and capricious transfers, so they have refused to speak up.

NPP understanding of freedom of expression is silence.

Many leading members of the NPP started doing their electoral permutations.

Some said that by 2020, there will be about 2 million beneficiaries of free shs and they will all automatically vote for Nana Addo.

So the interaction between Joshua Akamba, deputy National Organiser and aspiring National Organiser of the NDC and female students in a school in Garu Tempane area didn’t go down well with the overall expectations of the NPP and their social media goons.

In the said video, you will hear the students openly saying with one voice that notwithstanding the free shs, they will vote against Nana Addo.

This is in sharp contrast with the claim that all the kids will vote for Nana Addo.

Voters expectations are just unpredictable.
Joshua Akamba has exposed the worst fears of the NPP.

The students were showing Joshua Akamba, marks on their skins due to bed bugs.

Nana Addo won’t offer that as a gift to any of his beautiful daughters.

Immediately, the National Youth Organiser, Henry Nana Boakye of the NPP put up a press statement attacking Joshua Akamba for inciting the students against free shs.
Sometimes, we think that the poor do not want the best.

Nana B, if you are a parent and your daughter came home with those marks, would you be happy?

Where is your conscience?

He who feels it, knows it. You are living in comfort in Accra, you have no idea what is going on.

Immediately, Nana Addo, the man they claim is the foremost fighter for human rights, caused the suspension of the Headmaster of the school. Dictator Ghana Education Service, through the PRO, Cassandra Twum issued a statement denouncing the visit by Akamba to the school and warning against such visits.

The Nana Addo administration has been badly exposed by just one video.

The anger against Joshua Akamba is not because he has committed a treasonable crime but that he has by that video shown that the votes from the kids are not automatic.

The NPP can see the end now.
The infrastructure record is just non-existent.

They are now hoping to put in the 2019 budget some infrastructure projects anchored on the so called barter agreement with the Chinese for $2 billion.

If you start any serious road project now, you can’t complete before the election.
The government is therefore desperate.
Ghanaians have seen the deception. How many hospitals will they have to show by 2020?

How many schools?

Governance is methods.

Even though Nana Addo has desired the office of the President for close to 20yrs, he came so unprepared.

Even his inaugural address was plagiarized.
The adhoc introduction of the double tracking system is admission of failure of the badly implemented free shs.

It is to address the lack of classrooms.
If you fail to plan, implementation will expose you. Any serious administration will use the concerns of the students captured on the video as a feedback.

But this thoughtless leadership decided to attack Joshua Akamba. It is a shame

One young student, ask me the other day
” if double tracking is good, why do you think government says after 7yrs when they have put up enough classrooms, they will stop It?”

The kids know better.

God bless Ghana

By Godwin Edudzi Tamakloe

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