NUGS Blames  Breaches  in Containment protocols as cause of deaths of many students in the outbreak.

The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) after petitioning parliament and the Ministry of Health,  has expressed worry about a possible breach in the containment protocols when the swine flu broke out in some Senior High Schools, resulting in the death of many students.
Speaking in a Skype interview on TV3’s evening news, NUGS General Secretary,  Kabu Nartey, said despite the sudden hit by the outbreak, a more conserted effort from the Ministry of Health and sector bodies could have averted the chain deaths of students.
He explained that a document from the World Health Organisation intercepted by the Union alleges the  breach of some  containment protocols.
 According to him,  the virus “travelled” from its first point of diagnose to many parts due to a loose   evacuation exercise by officials.
This coincided with reports from the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) which condemned the low safety measures employed by health officials.
Kabu Nartey disclosed that the Union has petitioned international bodies like WHO, UNICEF and UNDP to intervene by collaborating with the Ministry to restore calm and good health to the students of various  SHS

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