NUGS demands evidence that 168 Ghanaian detainees in Libya are not Part of the Slave trade

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Slave Trade in Libya

The National Union of Ghana Students take due notice of the quick response from the Presidency and the call by President of the Republic of Ghana on the African Union to intervene in the inhumane treatment meted out to citizens of various countries in the slave trade in Libya.

We equally take notice of the assurance from the foreign affairs ministry regarding the fact that the 168 Ghanaian detainees in Libya are not part of the slave trade. Lastly we acknowledge the call by the Minority in Parliament for questioning the foreign affairs Minister before the House.

We want to commend these actions and register our appreciation for the quick intervention in addressing this issue.

As part of the questioning of the Minister for foreign affairs, We at NUGS expect to have responses to the following.

1. The Measures put in place to free the 168 Ghanaian detainees or to bring them back home.

2. A detailed reported on the safety of the Ghanaian Detainees and evidence that they are not part of the slave trade.

3. Pragmatic approach to ensuring that the youth of the country do not embark on such dreadful trips.

NUGS Lastly would like to urge the Youth of Ghana once again not to embark on such journeys across the desert to Libya and across the Mediterranean Sea.

Ghana has all it takes to make every youth successful and there are proper and safer ways in seeking greener pastures when need be.


Thank you

Aluta Continua!


Victor Elias SESHIE

*International Relations Secretary Elect*




Frank Amoakohene

*President Elect*


The Media

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Parliamentary Select Committee On Foreign Affairs

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