NUGS deplores Government’s decision to preclude the Union from Consultation on the Centralized Admissions and Placement System (CAPS) Initiative

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The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), a key stakeholder of the educational sector and system wishes to express its dissatisfaction and disappointment in the government for sidelining and refusing to involve the students of Ghana before planning to introduce a placement system for admission into tertiary institutions called Centralised Admissions and Placement System (CAPS).

NUGS remains the largest student union of Ghana established to represent and ensure the safeguard of the interests of its members both home and abroad. The mother body and largest umbrella student organization covering all other student unions and blocs of Ghana, has as one of its representative and safeguarding duties, the duty and responsibility to ensure that the voice of the Ghanaian student is at all times taken into consideration when decisions that will affect the students of the country are being made or considered especially by the government.

It is the responsibility of every government with respect to our democracy, to ensure that before decisions are made, planned or considered, every relevant stakeholder is consulted, included and rightfully represented during the planning and decision making process. There is therefore the need for the government of Ghana to include the recognized and official representative body of its students in taking or considering decisions pertaining to education in the country in this case, a plan to introduce a placement system for admission into tertiary institutions in Ghana.

The Government’s action of not involving and consulting the National student body on its plan to introduce a placement system for admission into tertiary institutions in Ghana signifies the exclusion of the official voice of the student of Ghana in the consideration and planning of this significant decision, a decision that will ultimately and consequently affect students who seek to pursue higher or tertiary education in the country.

Excluding the National Union of Ghana Students from the decision making process of planning, consultations, involvements and meetings on issues concerning the educational sector and in this instance the plan to alter some part of the educational system of the nation specifically the tertiary education admission system, is an undermining of the pertinence of the recognized student body and it’s responsibility as the right body charged by its members, the students of Ghana, to ensure their interests are always taken into consideration when decisions that will affect them are being made.

The union wishes however, not to conclude that this current government refuses to acknowledge it as the official representative of the students of Ghana and has no respect for the safeguarding of the interests of its students as its actions purports or implies.

It is on this premise that NUGS calls on the Government, demanding it to do the needful by involving and consulting the Union, thus the students of Ghana as a key stakeholder in planning and taking this decision of introducing a placement system for admission into tertiary institutions in Ghana and in taking every other subsequent decision that will affect the Students of Ghana.

Aluta Continua
Victoria Ascerta


Walker Obeng Darkoh
Press & Info. Secretary

anctioned by

Gombilla S. Mohammed

Koku Abotsi
General Secretary

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