NUGS elects new Officers for the 2018/2019 year

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Last week was very eventful for students of Ghana as the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) held its 52nd Annual Congress to elect new executives to steer the affairs of the Union for the next one year.

The congress started on Wednesday November 7, 2018 and successfully ended on Saturday November 10, 2018 after which the delegates departed to their various institutions expressing hope in the crop of the new executives they have elected to lead them.

The congress officially started with a Central Committee (CC) meeting, where members deliberated on issues concerning the union and how to deal with the numerous challenges going forward.

Also a plea from most of the aspirants was granted when the initial filing fee of Ghc1200 was capped to Ghc800 at the CC meeting. Vetting of aspirants followed immediately with all aspirants successfully qualifying for the contest. However, there was virtually a ‘no contest’ as some of the people who had shown interest in contesting earlier and had picked forms could not file and be present for the vetting.

On Saturday morning the elections begun at exactly 9:00am instead of the initial 8:00am as publicised by the appointed Electoral Commission. This notwithstanding, the process run through till 12 noon when the polls closed and was counted and declared accordingly by the Electoral Commission.

The provisional results as declared by the EC for the respective positions were as followed.

National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS)

To: All Students
From: NUGS Electoral Commission
Subject: Declaration of Provisional Election Results (NUGS Congress 2018)
Date: 10th November, 2018
In accordance with Article 75(a) of the  constitution of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), the Electoral Commission conducted elections as part of proceedings of the 52nd annual delegates Congress to elect new leaders for the union.  The following is the outcome of the elections:

Candidate: Gombilla S. Mohammed
Total Vote Cast: 531
Yes Votes: 438  (82.5%)
No Votes: 32 (15.4%)
Rejected votes: 11 (2.01%)

General Secretary
Candidate: Gideon Korku Abotsi
Total Vote Cast: 531
Yes Votes: 339 (63.8%)
No Votes: 174 (32.8%)
Rejected votes: 18 (3.4%)

Candidate: Sheriff Mohammed Alhassan
Total Vote Cast: 531
Yes Votes: 451 (84.9%)
No Votes: 74 (13.9%)
Rejected votes: 6 (1.1%)

Coordinating Secretary
Candidate: Tetteh Djem Bismark
Total Vote Cast: 531
Yes Votes: 501 (94.4%)
No Votes: 18 (3.4%)
Rejected votes:  12 (2.3%)

Press and Information
Candidate: Walker Obeng Darkoh
Total Vote Cast: 531
Yes Votes: 494 (93.0%)
No Votes: 23 (4.3%)
Rejected votes: 14 (2.6%)

Financial Controller
Candidate: Isaac Afful Ferguson
Total Vote Cast: 531
Yes Votes: 371 (69.9%)
No Votes: 139  (26.8%)
Rejected votes: 21 (3.9%)

Programs and Projects Secretary
Candidate: Narh Korley Jones
Total Vote Cast: 531
Yes Votes: 472 (88.9%)
No Votes: 46   (8.7%)
Rejected votes: 13 (2.5%)

Education and Democratization
Candidate: Bismark Tetteh
Total Vote Cast: 531
Yes Votes: 487 (91.7%)
No Votes: 15     (2.8%)
Rejected votes: 29 (5.5%)

Women’s Commissioner
Candidate: Kwofie Rebecca
Total Vote Cast: 531
Yes Votes: 363 (68.4%)
No Votes: 127 (23.9%)
Rejected votes: 41 (7.7%)

International Relations Secretary
Candidate: Kouame Desire
Total Vote Cast: 531
Yes Votes: 326 (61.4%)
No Votes: 172 (32.4%)
Rejected votes: 33 (6.2%)

By the powers vested in me as the Electoral Commissioner, I therefore declare the underlisted as the  newly elected executives of the National Union of Ghana Students:

President Elect
Gombilla S. Mohammed

General Secretary Elect
Korku Abotsi

Treasurer Elect
Sherrif Mohammed Alhassan

Coordinating Secretary Elect
Tetteh Djem Bismark

Press and Information Elect
Walker Obeng Darkoh

Financial Controller Elect
Isaac Afful Ferguson

Programs and Projects Secretary Elect
Narh Korley Jones

Education and Democratization Elect
Bismark Tettey

Women’s Commissioner Elect
Kwofie Rebecca

International Relations Secretary Elect
Kouame Desire

Thank You.


Baba Hassan T. Namaa
(NUGS Electoral Commissioner)

The chairman of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Bernard Dartey, took charge of the congress thereafter. He congratulated the newly elected executives and also the delegates from the various institutions for making the congress a success. He officially declared the closure of the 52nd Annual NUGS Congress.

Source: Walker Obeng Darkoh
Press and Information Secretary Elect

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