NUGS proposes a Rehabilitation programme for 168 Ghanaian Ex-Slave Returnees

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The National Union of Ghana Students has in the past days actively participated in the conversation of Slave trade in Libya. In some demands made through public statements from the Union, The Leadership of NUGS called on Government’s intervention in protecting Ghanaians in Libya and also called for the release of the 168 Ghanaian detainees.
Speaking to the matter, the International Relations Secretary-Elect of the Union, Mr Victor Seshie, Commended the ministry of foreign affairs for the swift intervention in bringing the detainees back home. He further called for a rehab programme by the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Protection to ensure that these detainees fit back apprioprately into the society and return to their normal activities with ease.
“The narrative of our brothers and Sisters tells a very traumatic experience, having to watch people go mad and die every now and then in a camp”.
Representative of what the others might have endured thus far, one of the returnees admits being sold three times as a slave.
It is therefore needful to note that the trauma suffered our brothers and sisters in this modern slavery may have lasting effect on their psycho-social reintegration in Ghana if care is not taken.
There is also the urgent need to reintegrate them into the community in which they once belonged to. But the earlier this is done, the better for themselves, their families and the larger Ghanaians populace. This urgency may in many ways avert possible clandestine activities and a possible joblessness for the new entries.
We hereby call on the Ministry of Gender, Child  and Social Protection to roll out a comprehensive rehabilitation programme for the ex-slaves. This programme should look at the following areas:
1. Counseling and
2. Equipping them with hand-skills to make them useful and competitive in the job market.
The International Relations Secretary Elect further agreed with them on their call on government to help them with other initiates to help with their resettlement in Ghana.
Victor Elias SESHIE
International Relations Secretary Elect
Frank Amoakohene
President Elect
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Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Protection
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