Number 12: Kwaku Baako clashes with Bagbin

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Editor in chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper has clashed with 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament and MP for Nadowli Kaleo over comments regarding the propriety of a private viewing of the Anas video expose for the President.

The Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin yesterday said investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, and his Tiger Eye PI erred by showing their latest investigative piece on Ghana’s football sector to President Akufo-Addo before the public screening.

“We were told that it would be aired on the 6th of June and all of a sudden, some people have gotten the opportunity of viewing it before the 6th of June and no other person than the number one gentleman in this country, the President himself has given an indication that he has had sight of that documentary.”

“There are question marks to this; the question mark is why him? Why have some people been given the opportunity to see the documentary before the general public? There is an issue there. Who are those behind it? Corruption is moved against the giver and the receiver, and so if there are allegations made against somebody, it is important for it to come up for all of us to see how this is handled. Should they be investigated or one group of people should be investigated? Who are those involved? Is it the President? Is it just the Vice? There are so many questions without answers.”

Mr. Bagbin, who was speaking on Accra based TV3 also stated that the President’s order for Kwesi Nyantakyi’s arrest was ill-timed.

“We should have allowed the documentary to be aired on 6th for all of us to see and then the decisions will be taken. Maybe some aspects will have to refer to some institutions to unearth some evidence which may lead to some criminal suspicion before we could talk about orders.

“An order coming from the President has too much weight to it and raises a lot of political issues. If others are given the opportunity to view the documentary, and they see some aspects that are unpleasant, will they prevail on Tiger eye to cut away some portions?”

Reacting to the above on Good Morning Ghana on Metro TV Thursday, Editor in Chief of the New Crusading Guide Mr Kwaku Baako Jnr has said : “This is incredible, absolutely incredible. If he were to be in that situation, would he be happy if this was to be put out there without his response, without his views unsolicited, would he be happy?”

“Even the ethics alone compel the investigators to give the president that option of watching. In any case, it is not as if the president watched all the video.” he added.


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