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Odeneho swerves Detractors

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…Takes Benso by Storm via Press Confab, and calls for Calm, Unity and Development

When his detractors started their rumour-mongering machine claiming that he was not only incapacitated in a hospital in London, but had passed on to glory and therefore could hardly lay claim to his paramountcy, little did they know that he was alive and kicking, and could take them by storm.

Then, the unexpected happened on Friday December 29, 2017, when Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko II, the substantive King of the Wassa Fiase Traditional Area, who also doubles as the President of the Wassa Fiase Traditional Council, took Benso, the tradition capital of Traditional Area by storm, with a Press Conference to announce to all that he is “alive and kicking”.

“By the grace of God, I am alive and kicking and back to my throne as the Omanhene of the Wassa Fiase Traditional Area. I am most grateful to Him and the loved ones who rallied behind me in my trying moments,” he postulated.

Odeneho explained that though he had to undergo a seven month intensive medical treatment in London, his maker had been kind enough to him and saved him from the shackles of death.

Therefore, the claim by his detractors that he was no more, was not only unfounded, but also baseless since they have no control over his destiny, as they did not create him; he opined.

The king was quick to point out that these unfortunate and painful rumours notwithstanding, he bore no one any grudge, and that his doors were openned to all, especially those who wanted to genuinely transact business with the Traditional Council.

He subsequently called for peace, calm and unity among all and sundry in the Traditional Area, and urged them to bury their differences and unit to enhance development of the area. Odeneho charged the chiefs to endeavour to be agents of change and development, and urged the youth to get actively involved in the productive policies of the government such as “planting for food and jobs”.

He indicated that the Traditional capital, Benso, had been re-located from Tarkwa with immediate effect, and that henceforth, all traditional council meetings would be held there.


While bemoaning the bad nature of roads in the area, Odeneho wondered if the people there had no representatives in government.

He appealed to government to come to the aid of the people by rehabilitating their deplorable roads, since the area did not only abound in the production of food stuffs but also cash crops such as Cocoa, Palm trees, Rubber and Timber.

Odeneho was all the more sad, upon the realization that much of the gold that is produced in the country comes from his Traditional Area.

The King of Wassa reiterated his call on government to re-activate the Bonsu Tyre Factory, the Tarkwa Gold Refinery and the Aboso Glass factory, stressing that though government was tauting the “One District, One Factory”, policy his area already has more than one factory, not even talking about Palm nut production.

He maintained that if these factories were re-activated, it will help create jobs for the teaming unemployed youth in the area and others beyond. 

Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko II
Odeneho Akrofa Krukoko II


Odeneho reminded the chiefs and people that he has not forgotten about the Educational Endowment fund which he initiated in 1994 – years before the Asantehene set up his.

He expressed misgivings about how short-lived was the fund because of unnecessary litigation.

“But for that unfortunate situation, the fund would have grown in structure and would have produced many graduates and professionals,“ he lamented.

He was however quick to mention that he will revive it to help improve educational standards in the area, which is seriously lacking there. Odeneho hinted that it starts from the basic to the university level and also take care of other professionals.


Odeneho indicated that ever since his arrival, he had observed with shock how some people had taken it upon themselves to mingle in the affairs of his royal family via false information about that noble family.

Whiles describing such actions as unwarranted and unnecessary interference, Odeneho warned such “contractors” to keep away from the affairs of the family forthwith.

“They must not poke their noses into my family affairs, since we have been, and will forever remain a united. family. Enough of the ugly actions of intruders in my family affairs!” he warned.

Source: S.O. Ankamah



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