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Odododiodio MP Nii Lantey Vanderpuye leads Sammy Gyamfi’s Campaign

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The Member of Parliament for the Odododiodio constituency, Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, has declared support for Sammy Gyamfi, a Communicator for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) from Ashanti region, to lead the party’s Communications agenda at the national level.

Vanderpuye revealed this at a campaign launch in his constituency to introduce Sammy Gyamfi to party followers where Gyamfi also officially announced his intention to contest the national Communication officer position of the party during the impending national delegates conference.

The MP extolled the virtues of the youthful Sammy Gyamfi and described him as an asset the NDC needs to in this critical moment of opposition.

He told the gathering that Sammy Gyamfi single handedly defended the party in the Ashanti region and continued to exhibit maturity and humility as a Communicator on Radio and Television programmes. He promised to support the young NDC Communicator to achieve his aim to emerge as the national Communication officer by devoting his time and resources to campaign for him.

“With the support of the Leadership of the party, we shall overhaul the current panel placement system and introduce a well-coordinated panel placement system for all political talk shows across the length and breadth of the country. We shall also ensure discipline and strict compliance with communication strategy so as to achieve consistency and uniformity in the party’s communication machinery.

“The Communications Department under my leadership shall RECRUIT, TRAIN and MENTOR a new breed of communicators with special consideration for women and the youth through a formalized system.


Under my leadership, we shall put in place timely, proactive and responsive systems of information dissemination to all communication structures at all levels of the party. This is to ensure availability of information and uniformity in our communications structure,” Sammy Gyamfi stated.


“For purposes of prosecuting an aggressive social media campaign towards the 2020 General Elections, I will work with our social media communicators and other stakeholders to establish a well-coordinated Social Media Department and put in place a support system for our Social Media Team”

“Under my leadership, the communication outfit shall deepen its collaboration with the media, academia, professionals, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other neutrals in all sectors of our nation, for the advancement of the agenda of the NDC.


(Details of these policies will be discussed with delegates at campaign meetings) Ladies and gentlemen, I am not oblivious of the daunting nature of the task ahead. However, I am convicted by the fact that given the renewed enthusiasm within the NDC, and the confidence of the Ghanaian people in our track record of governance, we shall collectively surmount this task.


which is made up of thousands of party supporters across the ten (10) regions of Ghana shall be headed by Hon. Edwin Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, (NDC MP for Ododododio). Hon. Nii Lante Vanderpuye has been a great servant of the NDC and a role model to most of the party’s youth including myself. His unalloyed love for the NDC, his
passion for youth development and his desire to see an effective communications department,” he added

Source Kwesi Coomson, Parliament

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