Office of the Special Prosecutor is for Political Witch-Hunting – Bawumia reveals

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The Vice-President Dr Bawumia has exposed reasons behind his government’s decision to establish the Special Prosecutor Office.

Responding to the Former President Mahama’s comments about the digital addressing system, the Vice-President described the former President as clueless and threatened his appointees with political prosecution.

The Vice-President in his response exposed plans by his government to use the special prosecutor office to harass past appointees as part of the NPP’s plan to intimidate , harass and blackmail opponents of the Akufo-Addo government in order to silence them ahead of the 2020 elections. The Akufo-Addo government since its inception has shielded all its members accused of corrupt practices even though hard evidence linking them to various acts of stealing and defrauding of state funds.

Many Ghanaians including astute lawyers have described the creation of the special prosecutor office as wasteful and superfluous, opponents of the administration are of the firm belief that the special prosecutor office has ill- motive to witch- hunt NDC members in former President Mahama’s administration. Some members of the opposition NDC are of the opinion that the special prosecutor office is not necessary and that it will not serve the interest of the
country at large, but rather going to be used as a tool for the Akufo-Addo government to politically hunt NDC members who served under President Mahama’s administration. The Vice-President’s comment has vindicated those who expressed fear that the special prosecutor office is going to be a tool for the administration to witch hunt political opponents.

If the Vice- President is not clueless, then what is clueless. Ghanaians are still waiting for the names and identity of the remaining Togolese on our voters register, we are still waiting for his response to questions raised about the lies he courageously told Ghanaians about his government’s 100 days achievements. He nearly sparked war in Ghana with his lies and baseless attacks on the Electoral Commission and the NDC. If he thinks his administration is
going to be treated like a baby on a mother’s lap, then he is deceiving his soul. He should expand facilities in our prisons and jail all opponents of his administration. He conveniently and freely attacked the previous administration, his wife openly insulted the former President but was but cannot take genuine criticism from his opponents.

Former President Mahama is not the only Ghanaian to have criticised the decision to waste $15 million of the tax payers money on the useless digital addressing system. Where was the Vice-President when the President of IMANI Ghana condemned government’s decision to pay that huge amount on the system. Apart from Mr Franklin Cudjoe, other Ghanaians including ICT experts have questioned the wisdom behind the decision. And the Vice-President thinks it is prudent to waste $15million on a system that already exist? Is he aware Zoomlion had already began designing same system for free? Is he aware Ghana is going to pay yearly charges to Google? So why did he deceive Ghanaians that the 419 system is better than what is being used in Canada, the U.S and the UK?. If this vague and childish assertion doesn’t represent clueless reasoning, then what is it.

Dr Bawumia must be told that his government’s bias intimidation, spreading of barefaced falsehoods and propaganda against the NDC in the name of investigations will not stop Ghanaians from criticising the administration. For 10 months, the Akufo-Addo government has beamed its searchlight on past appointees and the NDC including siblings of the former President as part of its witch hunt operations instead of focusing on fulfilling the bogus promises promises made in opposition.

It is worrisome that whilst other countries are taking deliberate steps to enhance their investment profile and improve their economies, the Akufo-Addo government has done nothing the last ten months, but has centered on partisan politics and witch hunt of perceived opponents while the economy remains vulnerable and unattended to.
Instead of his focusing on his evil plans against his perceived opponents, Dr Bawumia should focus redeeming his shattered image by taking urgent steps to set up a crack economic team of experts to immediately swing into action and salvage the dying economy.

Has he been following happenings in our secondary schools, cry of our drivers, expression of disappointment by Ghanaians who voted for his party? Is he aware his government has placed embargo on unemployment because of lack of funds? Does he know what $15 million can do to improve the enumerated problems? Critics of the useless digital addressing system are worried because of these issues. Does he know what that colossal amount could do for his people in terms of infrastructure development etc?.

He must be told that he is no more a vice presidential candidate. He is now an elected Vice President who has sworn an oath to serve the people of Ghana and being paid by the tax payer. Ghanaians expect them to deliver. What he said and his threats must be left for the serial callers. He must be told that, the situation we find ourselves under
his administration is terrible, this is no longer about politics and partisanship. It is about the economy he preached about in opposition and the wellbeing of the Ghanaian citizen. The situation is growing at frightening dimensions, not to talk of the continued decline in domestic and direct foreign investment all due to uncertainty created by the lack of economic direction of the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia administration.

Credible global economic monitors have started redicting doom. These must be the Vice President’s worry and concerns not plans to intimidate political opponents. You are still singing Gyeeda, Suba etc songs? Have they forgotten that they are now in power.

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