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Ohenenana’s Birthday Message to His Excellency former President Mahama

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Happy Birthday to His Excellency Former President John Mahama, a man of honor and peace and one that brought so much joy and hope to millions.

His Excellency, you proved to the world that African leaders can be exceptionally competent, affable, honest, incorruptible, humane and selfless. You’ve proved to the world that truly, “Nkrumah never dies”. You have everything to be proud of.

His Excellency, let me use this platform to thank you for accepting our call to lead the Party in the 2020 election. Your performance in government is still fresh in our minds, we will never forget you. We are suffering the most barbaric and relentless form of persecution today, those of us who supported you and your administration are still proud of you.

Under your leadership, Ghana regained its past glory and won investors’ confidence and earned global respect and recognition. You remained consistent in dealing with problems of corruption, insecurity, unemployment through various reforms and interventions.

His Excellency, the crave for your return across the country was prophesied by your colleagues in the Sub Region and beyond. The former Liberian President Sirleaf Johnson reminded you of the task ahead when she addressed the nation at the inauguration of Nana Addo. Prime Minister Cameron lauded your leadership skills and determination to fight corruption. This was what he said about you when you visited him at No 10 Downing Street:

“With you at the helm, Ghana continues to exhibit strong leadership in democratic governance in the West African region.  I also welcome your commitment to transparency in governance by revising the Ghana Criminal Offences Act to redefine corruption to include the more expansive definition covered in the ‘UN Convention Against Corruption and the AU Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption’,”

Recently, Nigeria’s foreign minister said, after his first encounter with you, he realised Ghana was blessed because of the intelligence displayed. Barbara Padmore said “you are too honest to lead an African country”, Kenneth Kaunda described you as a spirit son of Africa. As head of Ecowas, you successfully fought the Ebola menace and ended tensions in the sub- region through your negotiation skills.

You consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, humility, uncommon integrity and deep love for the nation while piloting the affairs of the nation. You demonstrated true love for the nation you led when you graciously accepted the 2016 election. Had it not been for that single and wisdomatic decision that you made to concede the election in 2016 and congratulate your opponent, Ghana would have been plunged into a cauldron of fire.

You conceded not because you lost but because you wanted to deny those that have been afflicted with an insatiable blood lust who take delight in carnage and violence the opportunity to unleash hell on innocent Ghanaians. In opposition, you did not call for the “all die be die” approach, have not hired mercenaries to come and train party folks, have not formed vigilante groups to cause tension in the country. Ghanaians, including some supporters of the Npp are calling for your return because of your governance record and how you’ve carrier yourself since you left office .

His Excellency, I wish to join the good people of Ghana, supporters and sympathisers of the NDC and numerous well wishers across the globe in wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, while praying God to continue to keep you in good health and bless you with more fruitful and prosperous years of service to the NDC, Ghana, Africa and the world.

From lion your brother and comrade

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