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Ohenenana’s Weekly Letter to the President

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Greetings Mr President,

Mr President, let me first remind you of what Van den Haag wrote years ago which was supported later by writings by other renowned philosophers – instances are conceivable in which a minority’s attempt to coerce the majority even by violence seems justifiable in a democracy, let alone in other systems of government. If we revert to the, fortunately imaginary ,case in which a democratic majority authorises the wanton killing of a minority group, illegal self defense of the group to be killed would be morally justifiable. So would insurrectionary action by other citizens to assist those to be killed. The powers conferred on you by the constitution which makes you the most powerful person in the country comes with huge responsibilities and  must be executed decisively and fairly.

The death of Maxwell Mahama must end vigilantism in the country, this the time to act decisively on this phenomenon. The lynching and brutalities being meted out to innocent citizens is becoming prevalent because of our over glorification of vigilantism and other unconventional activities by hoodlums in the name of offering protection for our political parties, resources in our communities, lands and our political godfathers. I am sure you’ve had the opportunity of watching the videos. Imagine your child suffer this inhuman ordeal in the hands of hoodlums. These mad dogs in our communities get their motivation from actions and activities of the politicians who always assure them of protection in case they law catches up with them. The new concept is the entry of nolle prosequi by the state to save these hoodlums from proper prosecution.

The principle of nolle prosequi has become a strange bedmate of the present Attorney General. The Ministry now uses the principle to protect the party’s well wishers from prosecution culminating in the display of impudence we recording in this noble country. If your Attorney General continue to use this principle arbitrarily,there is no denying fact that we shall continue to witness abuse of power as she and her henchmen including yourself, try to protect friends and allies of your political party. Setting free those hoodlums (delta force operatives) who proudly threatened your person and government on air, was wrong and opened the system up to the wrongs we witnessing. In most civilised countries or jurisdictions a criminal proceedings can be nolled when the charges cannot be proved, or if the the prosecutor is no longer of the opinion that the accused is guilty. Do you really think those hoodlums who were set free via the nolle prosequi entered by your AG, were innocent of of the charges leveled against them.? And the AG didn’t see the  danger in that attitude displayed by those hoodlums inside the courtroom?

Mr President, gradually Ghana is becoming a failed state, citizens are losing confidence in the system,the masses are gradually becoming powerful than our laws and have started giving signs of their readiness to inflict serious bruises on our fragile democracy.

Fanatics on your side will struggle shamelessly to play out the negative political consequences but with your experience in politics I don’t think you will downplay the possible hitches these activities could bring to your government and your presidency.

Politicising this critical issue is not the best approach but we cannot effectively give this matter the best treatment without reminding you of what you told the galamsey operators during your campaign. You assured them of your support if they elected you into office. President Mahama on the other hand advocated for the introduction of a well structured small scale mining operation to regulate activities of the galamsey operators. Your Vice – Presidential candidate together with some NPP executives travelled to China to solicit for campaign funds from godfathers of these Chinese galamsey operators in China, all these actions emboldened the galamsey operators who saw your party and executives as their natural allies.

These operators and all others who engage in illegal businesses (activities)  and deals always establish vigilante groups to protect their activities hence the incessant calls to disband vigilantism in Ghana to enable our security agencies to operate freely from unnecessary interruptions. Your AG is protecting vigilante groups, party executives daring you, executives telling us they are the financiers of these hoodlums and party them billions of cedis to facilitate their operations, your Acting General Secretary confidently told us the NPP will forever support and protect these groups, from Kintampo to Kumasi all the criminals who engaged in those nefarious activities were protected by the AG and party executives. These groups have extended their operations to our regions and districts recruiting more hoodlums in the name of protecting the NPP.

Mr President, you now have the opportunity to disband vigilantism in Ghana, time to bring us together, time to tell the world you are in charge of your government and time to begin the process of protecting our democracy from anything untoward.

Source:  Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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