One Life Aid Foundation Supports Osabene Islamic school

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One Life Aid Foundation (OLAF), a Koforidua-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) committed to helping the underprivileged children in society in the area of health and education, has extended a hand to the Kentenkren/Osabene Islamic school Kindergarten.

The school, Osabene Islamic school Kindergarten, which is in a deplorable state has seen no improvement over the years, with school pupil having no access to education materials to aide them in their studies.

It was in the light of this that, OLAF decided to assist the pupils by providing them with basic education materials.

During a visit to the deprived school, the Foundation, One Life Aid Foundation presented over 100 books, including much-needed exercise books, drawing books, pencils, chalks and other materials to pupils of the school.

According to Joycelyn Siaw-Asamoah, Founder and Executive Director of One Life Aid Foundation (OLAF), it is the Foundation’s desire to see that every child of school going age is in school, having access to education materials that will help them in their studies.

She said, the donation of the educational materials to the Osabene Islamic School pupils will go a long way to inspire the children to learn hard.

Joycelyn Siaw-Asamoah said, poor classroom structures did not promote effective teaching and learning, because apart from the fact that some of the schools closed anytime the rain threatened, the schools were not attractive enough for children of school-going age.

“We are into this project because we realized that most of these children work after school to cater for their education and some basic school needs, which in real terms ought to be provided by government. Touched by the plights of these children, the Foundation drew plans of helping end some of the challenges they face,” she said.

Joycelyn Siaw-Asamoah also averred that, although the school pupils are lacking basic education materials, the school itself is in a very deplorable state and needs much attention and support.

Indeed during the visit to the school, it was discovered that due to the unavailability of classroom blocks, two classed have to share a single classroom which is even too small to accommodate twenty children.

Worse of it all is that, school children including teachers of the school are being attacked by snakes. The condition, the team discovered is even worse in the rainy seasons.

She was however not happy about the attitude of community members for failing to provide communal labour to support the development of the school and urged them to embrace development projects initiated by NGOs such as OLAF, because government alone could not provide their needs.

She called on other people, benevolent organizations, NGOs, to help build better classrooms for Osabene Islamic School in the Eastern Region.

Poor Classroom of the Osabene Islamic School
Poor Classroom of the Osabene Islamic School

In another development, the Foundation also donated food items, clothes, shoes and sandals, toiletries and other assorted items to inmates of Nation Builders Orphanage.

Joycelyn Siaw-Asamoah said, that was also done in the interest of the Foundation’s care and support project and called on others who wish to collaborate with OLAF on such projects to contact the foundation.

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